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The Illuminati's goal is to destroy Western Civilisation, on their terms to shadow the real meaning to the destruction we currently experience, to erect a New World Order ruled by them, as we all traverse the chaos point in which man is forced to enter the underworld to face its shadow self, meeting the dweller on the threshold, (Kabbalah) the dark knight of the grail stories, or to be blunt...YOU. Its method is to present the idea it is they in control of all we face, by enacting a shadow stream of events to cover the natural cycle change, to ensure we all allow the shadow creators to capture the outcome under their control, and to prevent the real meaning to this time, the re-birth of man as a ascended being. This will ensure the dawn about to break as 2012 passes, becomes a spiritual prison instead of the freeing of man from all that is false. This time will dissolve all social ties (employer, nation, religion, race, family) thus by positioning themselves able to exploit the social discontent thus instead of the individual ascension of individual man promising a golden age of "human brotherhood", we will allow the shadow version of human brotherhood called "globalization."







This website is aimed at making you re-think in relation to how you understand history, what is going on currently in the world of power, but most importantly, how you see your role in our world 'NOW'.


Do you see yourself as a none-entity, unable to make any difference? ...or, are you sick to the stomach with all the legislation, the wars, and the ever expanding policed state, and wish to do something about it?


Regardless of how you feel, I challenge you to experience the world through my eyes. If you are of the first mindset, then my aim would be to show how wrong you would be in your vision of yourself and your true power to change this current path.


If you are of the latter, then my aim would be to further your understanding of the current situation, and what we need to do in order to combat the fascist state.


                                                     I will begin with the number one essential ingredient:









The idea one man or woman can absolve the sin of another…is lunacy.


This only works in relation to the Anti-Christ who can, and will, absolve the sin of all who have sinned to bring it to power… you will be forgiven by it for sinning to bring it to power.


Those who grasp the truth or the message held within all scripture…then live the truth, there is no need for any middle men, be it priest, Rabbi, or Imam. You have direct communion…the kingdom of heaven is within.


Religion is the consequence of those who cannot understand the message of love; therefore they obsess themselves with the messenger, thus bringing all the trials and tribulations of the messenger across the generations. This creates all the differing religions and secret societies that are fighting the battle of their respective messenger.


Religion is the consequence of projection. Unable to see the battle is within. The battle is between who you really are and your DNA programming.


This third dimension is the consequence of projection of the inner battle… the consequence of not cleansing yourself of all that is false within your being.


We all have traits that drag us into nonsense, yet instead of dealing with our own personal nonsense we will see ‘our’ faults in others and attack this fault in them, instead of dealing with the fault within…that is projection…that is the reason for the fall of man into this dimension.


DNA is king only in this dimension. DNA is nothing other than a receiver and transmitter of light. Your eyes do not see, your ears do not hear. Your ears collect vibrations and send them to the visual cortex in the brain. Your eyes collect light and send it to your primal visual cortex.


Therefore reality is in truth going on inside each of your brains at the point of the visual cortex.


When the light enters your eyes it is edited based upon your DNA programming…your DNA programming is, in the first instance, the mix between that of your mother and father, then the consequence of your education, cultural religion and the rules set out by those who control the DNA matrix…the one you know as Satan, the Anunnaki, Elohim…therefore the false god.


You have to understand then undo the DNA programming you have had inflicted upon you from your birth, that means everything you have learnt in school, from your parents, and most importantly from that which demands you call it god. Only then do you stand the chance of recognising who you really are. To understand this truth one then grasps the reality that all you learn in this dimension is for you to utilise in your journey of survival in this realm only, it is not the ultimate truth.


You are your own god, your own master, when you achieve this truth; you have no limitations save those you allow to limit you. Only then can you truly allow your instinct to guide you through all the false rules set by the matrix of fear...made so to prevent you discovering who you really are, to keep the system of fear in place so the masters of this world can continue to rule.


Your consciousness which is who you really are... is yours. It owes allegiance to no- one and no- thing, unless you allow it.


Remember to focus to this message not the messenger and you will open the path to conquer what is false within.


Concentrate to the messenger and you will fail, you will create another religion and become a fanatic in your worship of the messenger. True worship is to live your truth; true prayer is to allow yourself to exist as the representation of your inner or higher self... This requires great courage; courage appears when you have learnt to conquer fear. Courage is not how well you hit another face, courage shows itself to you as you break free of the fear of what others may think or say, having the will to fight what is false regardless of the consequences. Be not afraid to express who you are... only then will you learn...accept the consequences of you not project your failings onto others only then do you become REAL.


Be not afraid to be who you are. Be not afraid of any man or woman or institution in this dimension… this dimension in its current form is the fall. Those who control this dimension are those you call the demons. They control all the religions, the institutions and the word of god.


What you call god is false. The truth is we are all one; we are all expressions of pure unadulterated consciousness. All the systems in this dimension tell you, you are not. They command you obey their doctrine and use fear and damnation to keep you fixed in that subservience, like sheep unto their dictate always leading to the slaughter. If they start a war...let them and their children fight it...when was the last time any leader led you all in battle?...they do not. They stand behind their pulpit and box reading the names of those who have given their lives, then back to their office to design more plans for your death. There would be no war if they had to fight it themselves, they are the cowards, the freak show yet you offer them respect and your lives.


Become master of yourself and the demon lose, remain a sheep and the demon win... and turn this dimension into a prison which will destroy your chance to be free in this dimension for eternity. You will reincarnate back into this prison time and time again, without the ability to evolve beyond the DNA matrix of this fallen dimension.






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