This is especialy so if you are poor unarmed, and desolate, they do not like people with sun tans

    they are jealous because you are not afraid of the Sun, go ask the Iraqis, Africans, and Palastinians








I suppose it only fair I give you a glimpse in to who I am. 


Born in Blackburn lived most of my life in Accrington Lancashire. As a boy I was always into anything extreme, I played the drums from the age of 10 years, from the age of 14, I played in bands, culminating in a band at the beginning of the 1990's which would last three years and if it had not been for the dance scene, could well have gained that elusive contract, we were good and had the following to match. If I was not digging holes, climbing trees and making rope swings and tree houses, we would be making damns, wrecking derelict houses and mills, camp fires all over, shooting, motocross, swimming, skiing, diving, all the things the kids of today cannot do because of the fascist mindset of the idiots in power and all the pressure groups made up of the people with no life, you get the picture.


My father had his own building company and so I earned plenty of money at the weekends and some evenings, and by the time I left school was pretty knowledgeable in most aspects of the construction industry. At school I was the rebel, always getting the Cain, belt, slipper, it was a cause I gladly endured having decided the deputy head enjoyed dishing out this sort of punishment, and needed sorting, it worked, I think he Finally decided belting the living daylights out of me had no effect on me but wore him one to me.

All this changed for me when I discovered girls, those lovely creatures; I had many an adventure with the ladies in between all the other goings on.


Mid 1980's I decided I wanted to be Rambo, and joined the Parachute Regiment, on the proviso I was offered selection after three years, I signed for nine years but realised my legs would never have made selection and left Rambo in Aldershot, actually that is not true, I brought Rambo back with me, in civy street.


In 1993 something big happened to me and I began to eat the libraries, and I mean eat. Something my school had constantly talked about being latent within me was showing itself to me; no one was more surprised than I. So there it was, I entered the mystery school and my journey into the realm of the spirit commenced. I was promoting clubs having moved into the dance music scene something my wife at the time could not relate too.


During my journey in the mystery school the one thing that made me different was the fact I never at any time fell for the overriding manipulation, I knew serious people were continuing to form my mind in the way they operated, but they were badly mistaken, me being me decided to go along anyway to see were it all went. Without going into great detail, although I do so in my written work, the game went seriously bad as they tried to plug me in to their vibration. I played along making contact with Prince Charles and all those elite type of idiots, then when I could take no more of the vibration and the loss of my mind, I broke free in may 2000 age 33. This required the help of a Shamanic healer who, with her guides, removed the pentagram from over the top of my crown Chakra. From this moment on I gradually began to re-claim my soul, and in 2002 when the Free-Masonic Order put me in a corner I went for their jugular. (just so you may sleep tonight Gazza). Thus began my journey of exposure of these sick bastards, and because they had taught me well I became a valid opponent.


During 2007, I began to speak on Rock FM of a Sunday night with a good all round chap Roy Basnett on his Sunday evening talk show, this, as I prepared to release my 14th Phase of my written expose, parts of which I have placed on some pages within this website, there are many more to come yet, and the interest has been far reaching and solid. In beginning the journey of exposure, I have met with many good and balanced people who have backed and helped me in many ways, for that I thank you. The journey of my life thus far created a mindset I am still struggling to break free from, but I am getting there, so as awkward as I seem to those who offer help, bare with me the path is getting clearer by the day, 2008 having a major impact thus far in this regard.


In January 2008, Mr Basnett left Rock Fm, and moved to Liverpool's City talk, I was invited to join him on his show and duly accepted, you can catch both myself and Roy through the weekday mornings at the disgraceful time of, 2 till 6 am, talk about making it difficult baldy! Of course you can hear me when they are not censoring my outbursts!!!


So you are up to speed in this journey, that's all you’re getting you nosey buggers so sod off.






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