Just who are this duo of crime? well take a look at this page and see.



       Hillary and Bill Clinton.       








Hillary and Bill Clintons' wealth has skyrocketed to more than $20 million last year, a staggering 5,600 percent increase since President Clinton left the White House, according to their newly released tax records.

In Clinton’s last full year in office, 2000, he and Mrs. Clinton earned $357,026. Last year, their estimated total income was $20.4 million. That is an increase of more than 5,600 percent.



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I will offer this written work as I released it, again in Phase XIV released September 2007, hope it gives greater insight into what is termed the Eastern Establishment.


 With the announcement by Hilary on Jan 20th 2007, that she is to stand for presidential candidate, I feel it is only fair to offer what information I have come across relevant to this crime partnership.

Hillary Clinton having been within the Illuminati far longer than Bill puts her far higher in terms of Illuminati degree over her puppet husband. One can say that up our current time 2007 Bill has made his way higher too. The main handler at this time and from the time Bill took office has been father George Bush. They are very good friends indeed.


For Bill Clinton we can safely say his entrance into the higher echelons began when he was offered and took the Rhodes scholarship which he failed to complete. Just to re-cap, Cecil Rhodes was the main facilitator in the financial, mineral and murderous takeover of Southern Africa, of course his influence went much further afield within Africa, he was and because of his Subsidised Scholarships, still a very important figure within the Illuminati. Rhodes was a key member of the Rothschild’s ‘Round Table’ a secret society born out of the Committee of 300, people like Lord Astor, big media owner, Lord Kitchener, Lord Salisbury, British Prime and Foreign Minister of the Cecil family, also great friend to Winston Churchill also Comm 300. J.P Morgan, Alfred Milner, Arthur Balfour, Lloyd George etc. From this grouping of people and others was the Round Table created. Rhodes would bequeath his name to Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe; this was the power of this man.

Rhodes before his death in 1902 bequeathed his funds to the cause of the Round Table which is funded in the main by the House of Rothschild. He also created the subsidised scholarships known today as the Rhodes Scholarships. This is where Bill Clinton enters the arena so to speak. This scholarship scheme was to cover the Round Table operatives as they were chosen for a future role operating for this very secret society. Many Rhodes scholars after being taught how the system Democracy works are sent from Britain to join there respective governments, intelligence agencies, education, but many end up as advisors to government and military departments unknown to most as the Round Table operatives they are.

Oxford University in England especially the colleges of All Souls, Balliol, and New College became dominated by the Round Table, this continued after the death of Cecil Rhodes when Alfred Milner also Comm 300 became the leader of the Round Table. Two people this bunch of thieves has in common are the Professor of fine arts, John Ruskin and the Greek philosopher Plato.


So those chosen by these types of minds become the Rhodes Scholars.

Bill Jefferson Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas, and was brought up in Hot Springs. Having gone through Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar he was very well grounded in the world government philosophy and knew what was required for political advancement from an early age. Clinton as a boy had shaken hands with John F Kennedy and in an interview in 1994 had stated he understood via Carol Quigley’s books at an early age that a permanent shadow government of bankers and government officials existed which controlled the political agenda from behind the scenes. He said that as a young man he had realised it was necessary for him to gain access to this inner circle if he was to become part of the decision making process that shapes the world. So it shows conclusively that from an early age Clinton was being groomed for high office as are all high office personnel. Part of this grooming is of course to ensure they take orders without question, and know from whom to take these orders. One sure way of ensuring silence is the reminder of all the information the elite have that is not conducive to his portfolio, would at the drop of a hat be released quick smart if he stepped out of line.

David Rockefeller, the Kingmaker of America, had met with Bill Clinton in the mid-eighties at Winrock, the farm built by Winthrop Rockefeller, a former governor of Arkansas. What would be pertinent to understand is that Arkansas is an elite operational centre. The Southern Wing of the Scottish Rite of US Freemasonry is based there, and from this organisation spawned orders like the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan’s emblem is the Maltese Cross, which is also the emblem of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta, and the Knights of the Golden Circle, the Royal families of Europe and of course the Nazis.

The Knights of the

Golden Circle

played a major role in the manipulation of the American Civil War on behalf of the Rothschild’s. The Ku Klux Klan and the Knights of the Golden Circle

are in fact different names for the same society, which is known today to be funded and controlled by the House of Rothschild via Mossad.

According to the German magazine Neue Solidaritat, the Guru and step father of Bill Clinton was Parson Wo Vaught, a 32nd degree initiate of the Scottish Rite.

Clinton progressed politically and became governor of Arkansas, the position he held when he was summoned by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg Group meeting in Baden Baden, Germany in 1991. The invitation came after the elite had decided he was to be the next President of the United States. According to the American Freedom Network, Bill is a member of many secret societies including Illuminised Freemasonry which claims allegiance to the martyred Knights Templar leader, Jacques de Molay. In Arkansas, Clinton sat at the head of a complex network of drug running, money laundering and corruption all round. His biggest financial backer when he ran for President was Jackson Stephens one of the founders of the bank BCCI. The Citizens for Honest Government produced a video into Bill Clinton’s background in 1994 in which they interviewed a former friend of Clinton in the Arkansas days, a chap named Larry Nichols. Not so sure Clinton likes Nichols anymore, Nichols was a man Bill thought he could trust to keep quite and take the perks. Clinton gave him the job of marketing director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority or ADFA. It was a state run operation created by Clinton to which he stated, was to invest tax money in low interest bond loans to local businesses, colleges, schools and churches. It would stimulate jobs, he said. When Larry Nichols took up his post, he saw the truth. Nichols said:


“…I’d been there about a month and I realised that I was at the epicentre of what I’d always heard about all my life…I was literally working, sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton’s political machine. It was where he made his pay-offs, where he repaid favours to people for campaign support. It was an interesting seat and I knew it. if you needed a million dollars, you had to get the application handled by the Rose Law Firm and pay them $50.000. There were five other companies in the state of Arkansas that were actually more qualified in bond structuring and applications, but the Rose Law Firm got them all.”


I will bet you can’t guess who runs Rose Law Firm? One, Hilary Rodham Clinton.


“I started checking around, and I kept asking the controller, Bill Wilson…how did people make payments on the loans? He looked at me and said, “they don’t”. He thought I knew. Well that blew my mind, and this about two month’s in. It was getting tough then. So I started gathering documents. After everybody left I would stick around as if I was working on the annual report. That would give me access to the documents and I made copies of them all.”


What Nichols had established was that Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Development Finance Authority was laundering drug money! ADFA was a front for giving loans to his business friends, who would then fund his election expenses, while at the same time laundering drugs profits. Nichols went on:


“There was a hundred million a month in cocaine coming in and out of Mena airstrip in Arkansas. They had a problem…you create a problem in a little State like Arkansas. How do you clean one hundred million dollars a month? ADFA until 1989 never banked in Arkansas. What they would do is ship the money down to a bank in Florida which would later be connected to the BCCI. They would ship money to a bank in Georgia, which was later also connected to the BCCI. They’d ship to Citycorp in New York, which would send the money overseas.”


At the centre of this operation was Clinton’s closest friend, Dan Lasater, who would be jailed with the President’s brother, Roger Clinton, for cocaine offences.

Doc Delaughter, the police investigator in charge of the Lasater case, said he gathered detailed statements from people connected with Clinton’s friend and his use of drugs to get young girls hooked and under his control for sexual favours. The policeman revealed how he suffered harassment from his own police department during his investigation and he said, he knew that was because of the connection between the state police and Governor Clinton’s office. Lasater spent less than a year in a minimum security prison for his drug offences and when he was released, Bill Clinton granted him a full pardon. Legislation enacted by Governor Clinton helped Tyson Foods to become the largest company in the state. The owner Don Tyson was given $10 million by ADFA and never paid a cent of it back. He did however, put $700.000 into Clinton’s election campaign. Doc Delaughter said he had enough evidence on Tyson to launch an investigation into a possible drug distribution racket. The interconnected corruption was astonishing Larry Nichols said:


“The first loan made at ADFA was to park-o-meter… As I started looking, I found that the secretary treasurer was Webb Hubbell…Guess who drafted the legislation…Which created the ADFA? Webb Hubbell. Guess who introduced the legislation to our legislators and got it passed through our house? Webb Hubbell. Imagine this. Guess who did the audit and the evaluation on the park-o-meter application? Rose Law Firm, you guessed it. Who signed it? Webb Hubbell and Hilary Clinton.


Nichols said that when reporters made inquiries about the park-o-meter loans, they found that instead of making parking meters, park-o-meter was actually building retrofit nose cone compartments that were being shipped to MENA. The nose cones were being used to smuggle drugs back into the country and on to the streets of America. Nichols went on:


“Webb Hubbell, the Rose Law Firm, are guilty, I say to you, of conspiring to defraud the state of Arkansas, the Federal Government, and conspiring to solicit the sales and the laundering of money for illegal drugs. This is your President. This is his circle of power. These are the people when he got elected President…he took them straight to Washington with him.”



Webster Webb Hubbell was named acting US Attorney General by Bill Clinton when he was elected to the White House. Hubbell was soon back in Arkansas, however, to plead guilty to charges of defrauding clients at Hilary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm of an estimated half a million dollars. This was the man who was responsible for the Ethics in Government Act, which required Arkansas legislators to report conflicts of interest. Astonishingly, this act specifically exempted governor Bill Clinton, his appointees, and relatives. This is the type of politics they are pushing into the British system we must stop this rotting of our systems to be replaced with American style corruption.

Before Hubbell left Washington he was responsible for finding a permanent attorney general for Bill Clinton. This was Janet Reno, who became head of the hilariously named US Justice Department, which decides who, when and where and whether, to prosecute. We have already instilled this system into British Law with the Crown Prosecution Service. Webb Hubbell is not the only government appointed crook that Janet Reno has come into contact with in her career. She had been District Attorney for DadeCounty, including down town Miami, which has been exposed as perhaps the most corrupt judicial system in the country. Reno’s lack of action in the face of the evidence, led to an undercover FBI investigation, which in 1990, resulted in nearly half the judges in Miami being indicted on extortion charges. Who is the governor of Florida? Jeb Bush. The decisions and judgments during Janet Reno’s term at the justice department have served perfectly the aims of the New World Order. This includes the genocide at Waco.

It also includes the suppression of information about drug running operations from many states including operations out of Mexico, involving leaders of the Mexican government. It is believed by many researchers that Reno was the proxy while in truth Webb Hubbell was the real attorney general.

One of America’s biggest drug trafficking operations, perhaps even the biggest, was set up at Mena airstrip in Arkansas in 1982 by Barry Seal, a pilot for the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA. He moved his trade to Arkansas because of the hassle he received from his own state of Louisiana. He had no such problems in Arkansas. Russell Welch, the policeman in charge of the Seal investigation, revealed. He said 1983 was his most profitable cocaine smuggling period ever. He said that airplanes that he had placed at Mena airport of which there where four, a couple of Cessna’s, a couple of Panthers, and one or two stragglers here and there. He said they were purchased solely for the purpose of cocaine smuggling. Welch added that the planes had special and illegal cargo doors which could be opened in flight to drop the drugs and money at other sites in Arkansas. What is strange is that throughout the ten years during which the Mena drug operation was common knowledge, there was not one major prosecution? But of course the minute Clinton became President; he announced a ‘war on drugs’. This was just before he revoked random drug testing for White House staff and dropped 121 posts at the office of National Drug Control.

Barry Seal is one part of the link between Bill Clinton, Oliver North, the Reagan-Bush administration and thus the Iran-Contra events. According to court records, eye witness reports and press accounts, Oliver North held a series of meetings at Little RockArkansas in the early eighties to set up the illegal Contra weapons pipeline. One of the main operatives was Barry Seal and another was Terry Reed, a former combat pilot in Laos, who moved to Little Rock in 1983 and set up a training base for Contra terrorism at NellaArk, eleven miles north of Mena. Reed said at his own trial in 1989 for fraud charges that at least one of the early meetings to plan the Nella Ark Centre was attended by Bill Clinton’s brother Roger, and he said other meetings were attended by Clinton’s close associate and drug runner, Dan Lasater. Yet again we can see the one party state in action. While the Republican Reagan-Bush presidency was involved in the Iran-Contra, the opposition in the form of Democrat governor, Bill Clinton, was covertly supporting it in Arkansas.

The power of the elite to control the major newspapers and broadcast media surrounding agendas such as this was seen again in January 1995, when a four thousand word article exposing Barry Seal’s drug-running operation at Mena and its connections to Iran-Contra and the CIA was withdrawn from the Washington Post. It was immediately dubbed ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’. The article was due to appear in the Sunday outlook section, after eleven weeks of debate and argument among the staff. Lawyers had been through every line and approved it legally, the type had been set, and the illustrations completed. The contracts with the Authors had been signed and Leonard Downie, the executive editor, had given his consent. Then suddenly out of nowhere it was pulled and the Post’s managing editor, Robert Kaiser who just happens to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or CFR, said it was “a none-existent story”. The owner of the Washington Post is the Bilderberger, Trilateralist, and member of the CFR, Katherine Graham. The authors of the article were Doctor Roger Morris formerly of the National Security Council under Johnson and Nixon, and Sally Denton, the former head of the Special Investigations Unit at the News agency UPI. Both have long records of this type of investigation.

Their exposition was compiled from detailed research which included access to Barry Seal’s bank and telephone records, invoices, appointment books, handwritten notes, personal diaries and recorded conversations, police records and surveillance reports.

The article said that Seal was flying planes out of Mena to export weapons to Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and the Contra’s in Nicaragua, which then returned full of cocaine for sale in New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis and other cities. Morris and Denton say that Seal had such close ties with the CIA that he believed he could smuggle what he wanted, whenever he wanted, and they point out that nine separate attempts by state and Federal authorities to stop him were blocked. All this took place incidentally during the Reagan-Bush ‘War on Drugs’. The withdrawn article by the Washington Post had said; “over the entire episode looms the unmistakable dark shape of US government complicity in a vast drug trafficking and gun running operation”. It also asked the questions that mainstream media have failed to ask:


 “For three presidents of both parties – Messer’s, Reagan, Bush (senior) and Clinton the old enduring questions of political scandal are once again apt: what did they know about Mena? When did they know it? Why did they do nothing to stop it?


The involvement in drug trafficking of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the CIA was also revealed by businessman Terry Reed and his co-author, John Cummings, in their 1994 book, compromised: Clinton, George Bush, and the CIA. Reed was a former US Intelligence Officer who became a successful businessman. He was recruited by the CIA to set up a CIA front company in Mexico selling high technology and consultancy. When Reed realised it was being used to ship drugs, he attempted to get out of the operation and return to Arkansas, then governed by Clinton. As is usual, Clinton and the CIA tried to discredit Reed by accusing him of what they were doing. He was charged by Clinton and the Arkansas authorities with drug running. Reed also reveals in his book how Time magazine and other publications and newspapers were involved in disinformation and cover ups to keep the truth about drugs from the public. Barry Seal was not convicted for his drug crimes, he was murdered. This of course happened as he began to speak openly about what he knew. He told how he was ordered by the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Administration to photograph Sandinista officials in Nicaragua loading drugs onto a plane for shipment to the United States. This photograph was used by President Reagan in a televised speech in March 1986 as propaganda against the Nicaraguan regime. This led to congress voting another $100 million in aid to the Contra-terrorists in Nicaragua who were running drugs in league with the CIA. This drug running operation was done with the knowledge of the then vice president Bush. Seal later admitted to reporters that the Sandinistas in his photograph were not loading drugs at all. He also spoke of the Contra drug smuggling network and its connection with the Columbian cartels. Soon after this, in February 1987, Seal was dead. During this whole period it was littered with murders and suspicious deaths in Arkansas. On August 23rd 1987, two boys, Kevin Ives and his friend Don Henry, were out walking in the early hours in the area of Mena airstrip, they were later found dead on the railway line. The state medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, a man appointed by Bill Clinton, ruled that the deaths were an accident. The parents disagreed and asked for a second opinion, a request that was met with resistance from the authorities on all fronts. They won a court order requesting samples for the second opinion of everything the crime laboratory had, but Malak still refused to hand them over. Eventually other opinion showed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ive’s skull had been crushed before they were placed on the railway line. Malak still insisted it was an accident, the boys had both fallen asleep on the tracks he continued to claim. Six people who talked to the police about the boys murders were themselves murdered. Keith McKaskie knew what was planned for him, he said goodbye to his family and friends in 1988 and days later he was murdered. The following year, Jeff Rhodes, a young guy from Benton, Arkansas, rang his father to say he had to get out of town because he knew too much about the deaths of the boys and McKaskie. Two weeks later Rhodes was found shot dead. Keith Coney was fleeing for his life on his motorcycle when he collided with a truck; Gregory Collins was shot; Richard Winters and Jordan Ketelson were both killed by shotgun blasts. The head of the Saline County Drug Task Force who had uncovered evidence of the Arkansas police department’s involvement with drug smuggling and the cover up of the boy’s murder, was forced into hiding. All this going on while Bill Clinton was governor for Arkansas.

Investigating Bill and Hilary Clinton or even making allegations against them is a very dangerous game. Danny Casolaro, a reporter investigating Bill Clinton and an alleged bonds racket, was found dead in a West Virginia hotel. Paul Wilcher, a Washington lawyer, was investigating Clinton and was due to meet Danny Casoloaro’s former attorney. Wilcher was found dead sitting the toilet in his apartment. Prosecuting attorney, Charles Black, asked governor Clinton for funds to continue the Mena drugs investigation, the money of course never came, but Blacks mother was brutally murdered. Police said there was no connection. O well that’s ok then? Ed Willey, the manager of Clinton’s campaign finance committee, was killed with gunshot wounds, verdict, ‘suicide’.  John Wilson, a city councillor in Washington who was planning to expose Clinton’s dirty tricks, was found hanged in 1993, verdict, ‘suicide’. I re-iterate once again, if you are going to act or have information about anyone involved in the game, speak to no one of your intentions or your fears, this is a lethal mistake, just do it or send it to me; I would need your name to prove it to myself but offer full anonymity in its exposition. Kathy Ferguson, wife of Danny, an Arkansas policeman and Clinton bodyguard, talked about a number of sexual incidents involving Clinton, she said her husband had taken Paula Jones to Clinton’s hotel room where he dropped his trousers and propositioned her. Kathy Ferguson was found dead with a gun in her hand, verdict, ‘suicide’. Husband Danny then denied Clinton’s connection with Paula Jones, Danny is still alive. Paula Jones says Kathy was telling the truth. Jon Parnell Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, was pressing for an investigation into the collapsed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan company, linked to Clinton under the heading the ‘Whitewater Affair’. He fell from a balcony of a new apartment in Arlington, Virginia, verdict ‘Suicide’. C. Victor Raider II was co-chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign, but they fell out. Raider and his son, Montgomery, died when their small plane crashed. Herschel Friday was a member of raider’s committee and an expert pilot; he died when his plane exploded. Dentist Ronald Rogers was on his way to talk to a journalist about Clinton when his plane crashed in clear weather. Luther ‘Jerry’ Parks from Little Rock had compiled a study of Clinton’s sexual activities. Clinton owed him $81.000 for providing guards during the presidential campaign and his wife said he had threatened to reveal information he had unless he was paid. Parks was shot dead on September 26th 1993. Park’s son, Gary Parks, said his father had names, dates, places – everything about Clinton’s liaisons. He said he also had details of Clinton’s drug taking and that of his brother Roger. Shortly before his fathers murder, the phone lines at his home were cut, the security system turned off, and the files on Clinton were stolen. In Arkansas, no autopsy need be performed on anyone ruled to have committed suicide, even if the evidence points to murder. Who introduced this law, exactly, Bill Clinton in one of his last acts as governor.


The death most publicised in connection with Bill Clinton is that of his lifelong friend, Vincent Foster, a lawyer at Hilary Clinton’s company, the Rose Law Firm.

 His death again said to be suicide, came during investigations into the financial scandal known as the Whitewater Affair. The Clinton’s said there investments in the Madison Savings and Loans Company, was a loss maker. Others say it was a scam to skim off Federal money. What is beyond question is that it cost the taxpayers $60 million. Robert Fisk was named as special prosecutor to lead the investigation into Whitewater and that same week, the Rose Law Firm began to shred documents. One of the shredders, Jeremy Hedges, said: “they had his [Fosters] initials pretty much all over…everything from the box to the Manila files too. I even saw his signature on one of the Rose Law Firm letterheads. When people began to understand what was going on they held a demonstration outside the Rose Law Firm, also in the same week there was a fire at the WorthenBankBuilding owned by Jackson Stephens, one of the founders of BCCI and Clinton’s main financial backers. Stephen’s bank advanced the Clinton presidential campaign $2.9 million. Less than two years earlier, the bank had earned a profit on a transaction involving student loans controlled by Bill Clinton, the size of the profit? $2.8 million. Clinton channelled ADFA funds through the Worthen Bank after 1988. The fire there destroyed documents related to the Whitewater investigation.

On July 20th 1993, Vincent Foster, a senior partner with Hilary Clinton and Webb Hubbell in the Rose Law Firm before his appointment as White House deputy council, and the man handling the Clinton’s personal legal affairs, was found shot dead at Fort Marcy Park. Of course the verdict was suicide. The verdict suicide was released before there had been either an autopsy or a ballistics test. Larry Nichols has a police memo proving that Foster was found in his car not in the park.

In March 1994, when the speculation would not go away, the White House issued a photograph of Fosters body at the scene which was said to prove that it was suicide. The gun was in his right hand, Foster was left handed. The photo shows the body surrounded with brown leaves, but he died in the summer and reporters at the scene soon after he died said there were no leaves on the ground. The White House also announced five months after Fosters death that four members of Bill Clinton’s staff had ransacked Fosters office the night he died. They included Patsy Thomasson, Hilary Clinton’s personal assistant. It was done they said, for reasons of ‘national Security’. Patsy Thomasson was a leading assistant to Clinton’s pal Dan Lasater, when he was as shown in court, dealing drugs. Thomasson was also named in law enforcement files for drug trafficking and it was she who stopped drug testing for White House employees.

What you must keep in mind here is that we are talking about a man who became president of the United States of America, and was re-elected in 1996. We are also talking about his wife who will surely become the next president of this mind control operation that is the USA. Do we wish to have this pathetic pretence of ‘Freedom’ take over our already not very free nation they have perfected in the USA, the system they can completely control while still calling it ‘Freedom’, this is why it is important to use the USA as the example, this is what they are instilling into Europe which will give them the ability to control the whole of Europe in the same way as is the American continent. This also pans out across the PacificBasin with there total control of the Japanese and Chinese nations.



There is another interesting aspect to the Foster story. Documents shown to the London Sunday Telegraph reveal that Foster was jetting around the world and making strange visits to Switzerland while still working in private practice at the Rose Law Firm. Records show that he was flying with Delta Airlines and, at discount rates only available to senior government officials. This is strange in that he was not at this time publicly connected to the government in any way. Twice he made trips to Switzerland with American Airlines and Swiss Air, staying for little more than 24 hours before returning home. Switzerland is a major co-ordinating centre for the elite. These visits took place on November 3rd 1991 and December 7th 1992. The latter was in the transition period between the Bush and Clinton administrations. On July 1st 1993, Foster used his American Express card to purchase another ticket to Geneva, but then cancelled. Later that month he was dead. His wife Lisa knew nothing about these trips to Switzerland. Many researchers link Foster to the Arkansas computer firm. Systematics, owned by Jackson Stephens. They also link him to Mossad.

So my aim is to show how one man and his wife could so control a state or in British analogy, a Shire. Just to imprint this ability and mechanism, in the midst of all this Larry Nichols was approached by attorney Gary Johnson, who wanted to help him expose the money laundering and general corruption at Clinton’s ADFA scam. Coincidentally, Johnson lived next door to Gennifer Flowers, one of the women Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with. Of course what folks get up to in their private lives is up to them, but with Clinton and those like him there is a difference, when in power honesty must be demanded. What followed is a template to what depths these mal-adjusted people will go to keep the false persona they create to keep their power. Gary Johnson had a security camera at his front door and this captured Clinton entering Gennifer Flowers apartment, he went in with his own key. Johnson had this recorded on tape and could prove Clinton was lying. Attorney Gary Johnson was attacked at his home and suffered the most terrible injuries. The people who did this stole the tape of Bill Clinton. So we have here a picture of how in the 1990’s those with power operate, they use the threat of severe injury and death, prison and all the rest. While you exist in fear of such machinations the lower world wins. This is the system of fear those at the top use in order they keep their power, that is wrong in any book. So we are left with how can such demonic people get away with such actions and worse be placed at the top of the tree so to speak? Larry Nichols sums up very well thus:


“A lot of people wonder how Bill Clinton could control a state the size of Arkansas with the absolute authority he did. It’s not hard. You see after twelve years, after kissing the people that have the money, Bill Clinton controlled the legal system, he controlled the Judges, he controlled the attorneys, he controlled the banks.”


My life up to the year 2000 was completely controlled by our local elite. The greatest example of this would be when I purchased my first house. The bank manager at the Halifax Building Society was a Freemason. He sold the naive me the most horrendous mortgage some of my future financial advisors even went to the extreme statement, ‘it is probably illegal’. He also would contact me offering loans just to ensure I was in full debt to them for extra control. Of course as a young un-savvy financial fella I was not aware of these manipulations at the time, and like a lamb to the slaughter I played along. During the late eighties on the advice of a Knight of Malta after he had explained to me the future problems with endowments, I cancelled my endowment. The local elite completely controlled everything in my life, even my employment. During the mid 1990’s I had mortgage arrears and decided to place my property on the market. I placed the property with Carol Cowburn, and was later informed of how Carol Cowburn working in sync with the local elite went way out of her way to ensure no possible buyers for my property were passed onto me for purchase. They are still trying to claim I owe £13 K to this illegal mortgage sale, this after I gave them back the keys to the property in 1997. So I am again speaking in terms of experience of how such operations are carried out by the local elite, this of course plays out across the world and gives idiots with a bank balance via collusion, the ability to operate against individuals. Many of you reading this information as we speak are being played in this way to ensure they have you make the right life choices they require.


So taking this knowledge at local level plays out on a national scale, the new world order is to give this system of manipulation on a global scale, we have to destroy it.

Surely you are fully now fully informed as to what democracy truly is.


If we take the Clinton’s blitz on the medical system, Bill and Hilary were going to take on the drug companies, they said, and of course the shares in those companies fell. Then the Clinton’s changed their minds. I wonder who bought up the entire share in this period. This is just a glimpse of how those in power ensure they make colossal amounts of monies via control of legislation and announcements of the financial kind, be it the USA, UK, and across the globe We minions stand no chance of keeping any wealth what ever in the future as they ensure via control of the levers of power they collect all share in all PLC’s across the globe, have I twitched the ears of you financial worshippers? You will lose, lose and lose in the future no matter how amazing, or how in, you currently feel about your position. Watch out for big announcements from governments against companies and conglomerates before you all puppet like, sell sell sell, because they will ‘about turn when the share price falls after they of course have bought up all the shares.


We then have the experiences of Cathy O’Brian, a mind controlled slave of the United States government for over 25 years which she details in her book, ‘Trance Formation of America, written with Mark Phillips. She was sexually abused as a child and as an adult by a stream of famous people she names in her book. These include US presidents, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and most appallingly by George Bush senior. George Bush senior is a paedophile and serial killer who regularly raped Cathy’s daughter Kelly O’Brian, as a toddler before her mothers courageous exposure of these staggering events forced the authorities to remove Kelly from the mind control programme known as Project Monarch (named after the Monarch Butterfly and has symbolism to a net of Butterflies) Cathy states that when she enters her Psychic state she saw Hilary Clinton to be a full blood, whereas Bill is overshadowed by one, this shows Bill Clinton to be what is termed possessed.


Cathy also states that while still a child, she was raped, abused, and tortured by some very famous people. She says she was raped by Pierre Trudeau, the long time Prime minister of Canada, who as a Jesuit, was working closely with the Vatican. She says she was raped by Ronald Reagan while he was president; and raped many times in the most brutal fashion by ‘big’ Dick Cheney, the White House Chief of Staff under Ford and Defence Secretary of the United States under George Bush senior. Cathy in her book was able to describe his office in great detail. Cathy states that on one occasion he told her, “I could kill you – kill you – with my bare hands. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. She also states, Cheney, Bush senior, Clinton and others have fun playing something they call the most dangerous game. It involves threatening government slaves like Cathy and other mind controlled children and adults with appalling consequences if they are caught. They are then allowed to escape into the forest, usually she says, in some top secret military area like Lampe, Missouri or Mount Shasta, California, each are surrounded by a high fence to prevent escape. Father George Bush, the president that called for a “kinder, gentler America”,, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and others, then proceed to go after them with guns. When they are caught they are then raped, sometimes killed, she says.

Cathy goes on to reveal a particular experience in the most dangerous game, when Clinton and Bush went hunting with dogs for herself, her daughter Kelly, and two mind controlled ‘Toy Soldiers’, one of whom had Italian looking features:


“Swiss Villa appeared deserted, except for Bill Clinton and George Bush (senior) who stood at the edge of the woods with their hunting dogs at the ready to embark on the most dangerous game of human hunting. Bush and Clinton were dressed alike in camouflage pants, army boots, and wind breakers. The two also shared the trademark of wearing a cap of cryptic meaning. This time, Bush’s camouflage cap had an orange insignia which said ‘dear hunter’. Clinton’s blue cap read, ‘aim high’ and had a picture of a rifle on it. Clinton appeared awkward with his hunting rifle, while Bush looked like an expert marksman with his black rifle and elaborate scope.


“The rules of the game are simple; Bush began, triggering me by using the same words that always preceded a most dangerous game.

Clinton interrupted, you run we hunt.


“Bush continued, this will be called “hunt for a virgin” (Clinton chuckled)’ and she’s it’. He pointed to Kelly who was still in my arms. ‘I catch you she’s mine.’


“Clinton spoke up, ‘you’ll have plenty of time to play with the dogs because they will have you pinned down while we…’ (He slid a bullet into the chamber for emphasis) ‘…hunt down the bigger game. Clinton glared at the toy soldier with the waxy face. Toy soldier was a term I often heard referring to the mind controlled robotic ‘special forces’ young men who operated under the new world order.


“The two guys ran for the woods. Carrying Kelly I began running too. Judging from the close proximity of the dog’s barks, I had not gone far when they were turned loose. The five barking dogs caught me right away and surrounded me. Kelly screamed as one snapped at her leg and I automatically slapped at its face. I was convinced that the dogs were going to tear us apart by the time Bush and Clinton walked into the clearing. They seemed to be engaged in serious conversation until Bush looked up and smiled.


“She’s mine; he claimed (referring to Kelly). But then she always has been. Let go.’


“As I walked passed Clinton, who was deep in thought, he mumbled ‘I thought you’d be f*~ing a dog or something’. We walked the short way back in silence with Clinton veering off to the right as Bush directed me towards the two helicopters. The door of the helicopter next to me slid open and Clinton pushed the Italian into the helicopter. ‘I caught this one. He’s going to ride jump seat.’ Bush motioned for him to sit in the leather chair marked for death by the black rose while I rode in the actual jump seat.


“Come here little one’ Bush coaxed Kelly. ‘You can sit on Uncle George’s lap.’ He lifted her onto his lap as Clinton got in front with the pilot who was starting the engines. ‘Over the lake, Jake’, Bush told the pilot.


“Flying over Swiss Villa’s deep remote lake, Bush set Kelly aside, stood up as far as he was able in the helicopter, and slid the door open. The powerful wind blew Bush’s greasy strands from his face as he gestured for the man (the Italian) to stand up.


“Free fall’, Bush instructed. ‘That’s an order.’


“Yes sir’ he replied as he stepped out of the door fully clad in his camouflage uniform and military boots – with no parachute. I watched in horror as he fell to his death in the water below, splatter and submerge…”


Does this give you an insight as to why we have suicide bombers and the like and why I have stated such people are controlled by the elite? They are all mind controlled slaves.



Bill Clinton while in the President’s hot seat took his orders from David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger via on many occasions father George Bush, and of course Hilary. Both Bill and Hilary attend sacrificial rituals according to Arizona Wilder the mother goddess, she says Bill is mind controlled and Arizona states Hilary is his handler.

Cathy also speaks of how they compromise leaders and politicians globally by recording the sexual antics of the said people, then before whichever meeting they are to attend are shown the footage and then in no uncertain terms told how they must vote or act, should they fail to do as instructed the footage finds its way to whomever the victim certainly would not wish it to go. Cathy states Bill Clinton was compromised in just such a way by his boss, George Bush senior. Cathy told an American newspaper it happened at the Lampe, Missouri, mind control facility known as Swiss Vila. She says that Bush ordered her daughter, Kelly, to perform oral sex on Clinton while Clinton was doing the same with Cathy. She recalls the following exchange:


Clinton pushed his way out from under me and told Bush while he glanced around for the camera: “you didn’t need to do that, I am with you anyway. My position does not need to be compromised. Clinton was referring to the blackmail tactics amongst the Order of the Rose elite. World leaders are always compromised through covertly filmed bizarre sexual activity as was my experience at Bohemian Grove.


After this event, Bush and Clinton, discussed introducing Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, to the child abuse scene, Cathy says. Bush offered to open her up. Clinton said he would have to discuss it with Hilary. She also states Clinton and Al Gore are quite a pairing when it comes to such scenarios, and that Gore is addicted to drinking blood..


Cathy O’Brian is what is termed, ‘A Presidential Model.’ They are used to satisfy world leader’s sexual gratification and to pass on messages between elite operatives. The Presidential models are very rarely allowed to live beyond the age of 30. When this time approached for Cathy in 1987/88, she was told it was her last year of life. At this time her daughter Kelly was only eight years old, what does that say about George Bush senior? Luckily for Cathy and Kelly, they were rescued by businessman Mark Phillips, who spent years de-programming them and helped her write her book. This of course was no easy task.


Cathy says she met Clinton a few times before he was president. She says on one occasion while in Arkansas, he was trying (successfully) to persuade a supporter Bill Hall, to become involved in the drugs trade. Hall need not worry, Clinton said, because it was “Reagan’s operation”. Cathy says that Clinton told Hall in her then mind controlled presence:


“Bottom line is, we’ve got control of the drugs industry, therefore we’ve got control of them (suppliers and buyers). You control the guy underneath you, and Uncle (Uncle Sam, the United States government) has you covered. What have you got to lose? No risk. No one’s going to hang you out to dry. And whatever spills off the truck as it passes through (Clinton laughed here and snorted another nose full of cocaine) you get to clean up.”


Later that night, Cathy says, she was taken by Bill Hall’s wife to meet Hillary Clinton at the Hall’s guest Villa. There Mrs Clinton, another cocaine user, performed oral sex on Cathy and then insisted it was done to her. I have covered the reasons why such people have massive sex drives; it is to feed the entities surrounding these so called top people, taken from the sexual Chakra.


At another meeting at Swiss Villa Missouri also known as the ‘Infirmary’ because of the near death trauma they carry out in creating assassins and murderers, again under mind control she had delivered a large amount of cocaine there in her motorhome when she saw the two future presidents:


“…I noticed the then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, at a corner table with Hillary talking to the then Vice President George Bush (senior), and their two special forces ‘toy soldiers’ who had transferred the cocaine to the infirmary building. My mind control owner, US Senator, Robert Byrd, told me that Bush and others had been grooming Bill Clinton for the Presidency in the event that the American public became disillusioned with Republicans and believe that electing a Democrat would make a difference. Clinton obediently followed Bush’s orders. Since the implementation of what Hitler termed ‘New World Order’, knew no party lines, the question should be raised as to the agenda of Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign manager, James Carville, and his wife, Mary Matalin, who was Bush’s campaign manager.


Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Kosovo.


While Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were using NATO to bomb Serbia and Kosovo for 41 days in 1999, Osama bin Laden was also involved – on Clinton’s side. The Kosovo “Liberation” Army (KLA) and its offshoot, the National Liberation Army (NLA) were CIA fronts. They were fundamentally connected to, and financed by, the trafficking of drugs to the United States and throughout Europe. Drug agents in five countries believed this drug cartel to be one of the most powerful heroin smuggling organisations in the world and their operation became known as the Balkan route. Greek Interpol said that Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians were the primary sources of all supply for cocaine and heroin in that country; (see Latest headlines in this website for a full up to date account of the Kosovo tale)  France’s Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs said the Kosovo Liberation Army was a key player in the drugs for arms business and was helping to transport $2 billion worth of drugs per year into Western Europe; German drug agents said $1.5 billion in drug profits was laundered annually by Kosovo smugglers through as many as 200 private banks or currency exchange offices. The company contracted to supply the “US Peacekeeping Troops” in the former Yugoslavia is Brown and Root, the drug running subsidiary of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

Despite this background, the drug running, Osama bin Laden-supported KLA was presented in a very different light by Clinton and Blair. They told us the KLA were ‘freedom fighters’ battling to save ethnic Albanian Muslims in Kosovo from Serbian oppression. Yet as the Washington Times reported, quoting intelligence documents, members of the KLA were trained in Afghanistan and at Tropoje, Albania, in the terrorist camps run by Osama bin Laden. Britain’s Sunday Times quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of Albanian intelligence, as confirming that the network of Osama bin Laden sent units into the Serbian province of Kosovo. The Washington Times reported that members of the Mujahadin in Afghanistan were recruited to fight for the KLA, who, I stress, were controlled by the CIA, the US government and the British government. This has to include Paddy Ashdown given the fact he is the Yugoslavian Tsar.

At the same time those same governments were blaming the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Osama bin Laden. The US State Department offered a reward of $5 million for his capture. Clinton had also bombed Sudan and Afghanistan in ‘retaliation’ for the bombings. The same year the US government had condemned the KLA as a terrorist organisation that was funded by the heroin trade and Osama bin Laden.  So what we have here is NATO which is in truth the USA and Britain’s elite, supporting this same terrorist organisation with 41 days of bombing against civilian targets in which it was claimed by Serbia that 1.200 people were killed and 5.000 wounded. Once again manipulating behind the scenes was Richard Armitage, US Deputy Secretary of State under George W Bush.


It was Bill Clinton who called for an easing of the restriction on the military’s involvement in domestic law enforcement after the precursor to 911, the Oklahoma bombing on April 19th 1995. You will note the date of April 19th, the same month date as the Waco genocide. This date, as already stated is the day of ritual sacrifice to Moloch, the deity who demands the burning of children. And of course in Oklahoma many children from a day care centre were killed. This involvement of the military in domestic affairs took a giant leap after 911. I have seen the same move being made in Britain, only murmurs at present but it is part of the agenda for Britain.

Bill and Hilary Clinton graduated from Yale in 1973; do not forget Yale is the home of the Skull and Bones Society.

Bill Clinton is a Bilderberg attendee, a member of the Trilateral Commission, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a member of the satanic Bohemian Grove, which lies 75 miles north of San Francisco in California, near the Hamlet of Monte Rio alongside the Russian River in Sonoma County, and of course a ‘friend of the Labour Party’, and the Conservative and Liberal parties too. Bohemian Grove is a sexual playground for the elite. It is a 2700 acre estate among the Red Wood trees. There are great numbers of human sacrifices go on here. This place is all about homage to Moloch which is an aspect of Nimrod / Baal. Its ritual sacrificial day is April 19th.

The elite group at this place calls itself the Mandalay Camp which was symbolised in the film with another member of this group Bob Hope, the road to Mandalay.

Bohemian Grove is a major place for dealing with mind controlled slaves either in their ritual death around the age of 30 and for operations to compromise new recruits by recording their sexual exploits for blackmail purposes.


I just thought you may wish to better understand the Clinton’s as it is quite obvious the Clinton Satanism is to continue once again via Hilary, and whosoever is in power in this nation will by decree of the Crown, follow like little lap dogs the agenda of totalitarian control of this not so very much longer green and pleasant world.


Bill Clintons term or role in the Roman Illuminati’s new world order was to free the markets to create what his advisors at the time Robert Rubin the head of Goldman Sachs and Alan Greenspan the then head of the Federal Reserve told him to do. To create a ‘Market Democracy’. This was advised that the markets would shift and move at the consumers dictate. Clinton to implement this dropped all the welfare reforms he had been voted in to power on. In 1996 Clinton made a great speech to get this agenda going. Gordon Brown in handing over power of our interest rate played into this very agenda as dictated by the international financiers.


 Upon conclusions drawn with an experiment in the Amazon during the 1970’s as scientists observed a particular tribe, who they claimed had a disposition to violence. This they claimed was proof of how the human was a slave to his DNA programming, to which I understand to be the reality of man in most cases. Unfortunately as they collected the data what they failed to include in their method statements was the fact that the majority of violent outbursts that they filmed, where created in the way the scientists gave out very limited western goods, which created a sort of rush for the goods sometimes ending in violent conflict. Yet the conclusions were put forward in the sense that this violent behaviour was due to interbreeding and that they observed the fact that tribal member in most cases unaware of their genetic links to one another, would help unconsciously a genetic member of the tribe when coming to their aid in the violent outbursts. On the back of this study the last stages of the new world order where thus presented to the political elite. On the back of this nonsensical experiment the elite instilled a new way to control society. It was the beginnings of the massive psychiatric boom to which America would become a slave. It was from this nonsense that Prozac and other extremely dangerous drugs where implemented for the use by these new psychiatrists over society. What was born from this invented layer of control and a new industry where the creation of human disorders which medicalised normal human behaviour. Which had the effect purposefully that many people millions in fact in the USA ran to the doctors and demanded to be treated for normal human behaviour. This was a clear cut case of mass hypnosis were many people thus believing they had an illness would run to the doctor for medication. They are using these labels in our schools now on your children and grandchildren and you in your fear and ignorance whip the children off to doctor indoctrinated and a course of lethal cocktails thus shoved down your Childs throat, but its okay Doris the doctor is treating the child for an illness.


Not only that but on this ridicules scientific conclusion of a totally manipulated set of results we had instilled into America’s political and social policy the swath of league tables and targets which we have had instilled with the satanic Blair government of very ill people we call MP’s. it is they who should be at the doctors not the populace because they actually believe this shit as the fanatics they are?  These same invented scientific conclusions are exactly what has and is being done, with the fallacy that is the Carbon to blame for climate change. The only difference in this time is you are aware of these truths, whether you accept them or not is up to you, but facts they absolutely are.

The introduction of the league tables and targets has given us a total and utter falsehood of achievements in all systems in this nation, because the fear of failing to meet the targets and ride high in the league tables has created the situation , everybody is lying through their teeth to keep their jobs. We must get rid of all these targets and league tables for it serves via confusion the true machinations of the new world order because people do not have the time to think outside the media spin.



I will now offer the video from whence much of the above information has been taken; you can put faces to the names... The Clinton Chronicles:


                                                       CLICK TO WATCH




The Truth As Hilary sees it....Hilary Clinton Speaker Of The Truth...I don't Think...



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Al Gore



Al Gore is a cousin to former President Richard Nixon. Nixon is a descendant of Edward I of England. He has direct links to the Holy Roman Empire through Emperors, Louis II, Charles II, and Louis I. this makes him a direct descendant of Charlemagne. This Charlemagne link makes Al Gore a cousin to George W Bush.

Al Gore is a Merovingian.

Gore along with Bill Clinton worship the snake.

Al Gore is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR.

Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore supported George Bush senior in the 1991 Gulf War.

Cathy O Brian, the recovering mind controlled sex slave stated, Al Gore is addicted to blood drinking. It is the chemical released through terror at the point of death called Adrenalchrome that these sick creatures are addicted too. Gore attends the satanic rituals and is a full blood. He is an abuser in full knowledge of the fact, of mind controlled sex slaves. Not forgetting the information provided by Phillip Eugene de Rothschild who stated relative to both Clinton and Gore:

Both have full blown multiple personality disorder, and are both very effective sorcerers in the satanic mystery school.


When Bill Clinton was President and Gore his Vice President, both men spoke entirely the language from the Global 2000 reports which come straight out of the Club of Rome.

I will backtrack at this point to help you understand the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome was launched publicly in 1968 by the Italian Freemason, Aurelio Peccei (Comm 300), who once said to his friend, the former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig himself a member of the Trilateral Commission (TC), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated. Weishaupt if you remember was the man responsible for the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati which is the Grand Orient Lodge today and the inner elect of the Jesuits, in fact the Illuminati as it is today is of this mans creation in its systems and structure. Aurelio Peccei was the chief executive of the Fiat motor company under its president and prominent Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli (Comm 300) and one of the leading bloodlines in this whole conspiracy. The Club of Rome was created by meetings at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy. It was and is, the Club of Rome’s role to issue propaganda about the environmental crisis and use this to justify the centralisation of power in the problem – reaction – solution method, and for the suppression of industrial development in both the West and developing countries. In today’s speak they are using the notion; ‘we must stop the developing world from making the same mistakes we did’. We can see how this agenda plays out in this country with the removal of key industries and services being moved abroad. It is also being used to justify the population control or eugenics. Peccei was a passionate advocate of world government and his Club of Rome has produced plans for restructuring the world into five regions under the control of a central world authority, the RomanIlluminatiChurch. It has issued many reports; including ‘Limits to Growth’ in 1972, sponsored by the Rockefellers. It was distributed as a 197 page paperback published in 18 editions and 23 languages. Limits to Growth has been widely quoted by the environment movement to support their arguments, what needs to be understood by such organisations is that anything that comes out of the Club of Rome are 100% Illuminati new world order directives to direct human thinking and to persuade people to accept the goals of the new world order. The Club of Rome’s spin off, the Club of Budapest is to guide the ‘Spiritual Arts’ or perceived belonging to the New Age movement most of the environmentalist’s feel they do, and to further back the nonsense that is the environment scam. Heading this secret society is Peccei’s friend and associate, Ervin Laszio.

Peccei actually admitted that the computer used to produce their data and thus justification had been pre-programmed to produce the desired result. He said this had been done because nations required ‘shock treatment’ if they were to accept population control.  The acclaimed economist, Gunnar Myrdal, said of the Club of Rome methods:


“The use of mathematical equations and a huge computer, which registers the alternatives of abstractly conceived policies by a ‘world simulation model’, may impress the innocent general public but has little, if any, scientific validity. That this ‘sort of model is actually a new tool for mankind’ is unfortunately not true. It represents quasilearnedness of a type that we have, for a long time, had too much of…”


It was under the influence and guidance of the Club of Rome and its ‘data’ that another report was produced which has had a fundamental effect on the acceleration of ‘environmentalism’. This was a study ordered by the Trilateral Commission – controlled Carter administration. On July 24th 1980, in the last months of the Carter presidency, his secretary of state, Edmund Muskie (TC, CFR), presented the Global 2000 report to the president. It painted a global picture of overpopulation, resource and food shortages, and environmental dangers which, it estimated, would cause the deaths of 170 million people up to the year 2000. This was followed six months later by another report, ‘Global Future’, ‘A Time to Act’, which was the work of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This called for a series of measures to respond to the crisis set out in Global 2000 and at the top of the list of responses was… population control through sterilisation and other means. This sterilisation was to be administered among other ways, through the water companies.

Both reports called for, in effect, the restriction of scientific development and technological transfer to developing countries, soon these policies were being set across the world. Now can you understand why the elite will not allow Iran to have nuclear technology? It has nothing whatever to do with Iran creating nuclear weapons but to prevent Iran from developing technologically to become self dependant. The reason the elite do not wish countries to become self reliant is because there would be no need for the new world order, which is being shaped so the whole world is dependant upon the bloodlines for specific essential needs of each nation, differing at the discretion of the elite for each nation. Which we can see being played like a violin with the energy requirements for each nation. This also can be seen in the limiting of separate nations having well equipped and trained armies to defend their borders, all are being forced for dependence upon NATO for intervention in desperate situations set up by the controllers of NATO via creation of terrorist organisations. This limits the supply of arms within each nation to within such terrorist cells, which through fear, gives the ability to stifle individual nations and thus child’s play for total control of each nation by the Illuminati. This is the agenda in Britain today, they are systematically removing our military capacity by stealing soldiers trained by, and paid for, by the British taxpayer, using the limited equipment frustration to encourage this, with the Navy, this has already been done since the end of the last Great War.

Cyrus Vance (TC, CFR, BIL, Comm 300), Carters secretary of state before Ed Muskie, chaired the committee for the year 2000 for this very purpose. Vance was the man who instigated both Global 2000 and Global Future during his tenure at Carter’s State Department.  In his official speech at the United Nations in 1977, Vance rejected calls from developing countries for change to the International Monetary Fund and the unfairness of the economic system, and instead he suggested a “…new world order based on environmentalism.”

How can an intelligent mind have any confidence in the problems and then solutions presented by the Club of Rome and these two reports when the people behind them are the very same politicians, bankers, industrialist’s, and academics who support and promote the policies of the Rothschild’s controlled IMF, Bank of International Settlements, and the world Bank, which in turn, are responsible for the death, starvation and suffering of billions of people across the globe. Another of the architects of the Global 2000 Report was Robert McNamara (TC, CFR, Bil). Former president of the World Bank, the policies of which have wreaked environmental and human genocide across the third world. How can one have confidence when these environmental tsars are the same people who suppress the introduction of known technologies, such as free energy technology, which could in a few years replace today’s fossil-fuel burning extravaganza. So the idiots promoting Global 2000 at the top are the same idiots destroying the planet, yet you have all been sucked in, hook line and sinker, because you are at a disadvantage when it comes to the connections of the leading personnel and the ruling bloodlines involved in all this nonsense, but you are almost half initiates now ehh!

Another aspect to this is that these madmen base their finding on what they term, ‘current trends’, which of course are the, ‘at the time’ results of the elite manipulators.

In real terms to change their policies would change the current trends and thus the recommendations on how to react to the current trends, shit man no wonder we get confused. The rape of the third world environment creates dependency of billions of people upon the Illuminati’s economic system, because there ability to live self-sustainably is destroyed, and they have no choice but to require outside help. Of course the only outside help to be obtained is offered by the Illuminati, who via invasion in the past centuries created the third world for this very scenario.

Environmental damage is abhorrent to the human, but an essential and immaculate weapon for the Illuminati’s agenda, so understand that all that is wrong with the environment is by design and nothing we do will remove the real reasons for the damage to the planet until we remove the bloodlines from power in this world.

To change the Illuminati’s polices would change the trends (environmental created dependency) and make irrelevant the ‘solutions’ suggested in the Club of Rome reports. Why do such reports never call for change in the elite’s policies yet always lay the blame on us the poor humans? Because the human allows it because of belief and trust.

Outside the inner circle almost all environmentalists are genuinely campaigning for change, but the ‘changes’ for which they call, are at the dictate of the same people perpetrating the problem, because the problems have been invented and, or, created,  to create ‘the’ reaction’ for the Illuminati’s ‘solution’ which is for the introduction of the global fascist state on the back of activists all controlled from one seat of power, the Club of Rome...

The theme of these environmental reports is that economic growth must end, and true to form this is the conclusion of the majority of the environment movement, of course it is, the conclusions of the environment movement are of course the conclusions of the Illuminati, that is the idea. This brings me back once again to the sickness that is belief. It is no good if you want change to believe anything that comes from the elite levels of anything. One should listen to the chirpings of the ‘establishment’ then investigate for yourself, only then can you reach a more balanced conclusion. This operates in everything, in every possible subject. To take religion for example. We all know what the boys in frocks promote with fanatical zeal, but it only requires a serious investigation into any of these prisons of the mind and emotions, especially to the historic high priest’s of such organisations, and what you find is contradiction on all levels. For me it matters not how well a historical figure is held in high regard by believers, because investigation which brings about a state of knowing, always demolishes the given line.


With all I have written in this work about the environment being a scam, I am not saying there are no problems, but I see all the problems coming from the elite. Chemical pollution in farming, chemical pollution via detergents, unnecessary detergents that end up in the sea, these are not essential products. These are born out of science and chemistry and the players in such science have to take responsibility. The public wants what the public gets; this has always been the case. The elite invent based on its ability to control and the making of a quick profit. I would take science more seriously if before the launch a new product all possible affects to nature have been vigorously tested and documented for all to see. What the elite do is invent then market the product based on absolute bullshit because they are looking for profit constant profit at that. They spend more money on suppressing the real facts about products they sell, by the time we realise the true affects they have it covered with a whole new swathe of products and suppressed information. We the public have no choice in the matter apart from whether we buy or don’t buy. Most of the criteria governing buy or not buy is down to ease of use. This is because we are constantly being sped up in every aspect of our lives, what is the rush? The only people in a rush are the Illuminati. They are rushing to implement the global fascist state before you the people find out what they are in truth doing. The world needs to slow down. I purchased the product Cillit Bang and nearly burnt my bloody hands off, who the hell licensed this stuff to be thrown into the water system?

My point is, it is the Illuminati who are destroying the planet because they are in the seat of control to what is brought into the arena by invention and suppression, and we suck on it. But the whole environment agenda in its current form is, “what are you the people going to do about the damage you are doing to the Earth”. When all along we are doing what the Illuminati sell us.

The elite are destroying this planet by design. The majority of the populations would not allow such destructive agendas to come into form if they where in the seats of power let alone continue it, yet according to the elite it is ‘our’ entire fault, it is us who must cease flying, driving, smoking, drinking, walking in the countryside, making any noise, lighting up our properties, heating our properties. The elite will continue flying, driving etc; I think you get the picture. It is not as if we can do anything as the people to counteract the damage, we can only act as determined by the elite within the elite’s game.

You try processing fuel for your car in your field by growing rape- seed; the elite put you in prison with massive fines. They will not allow us to act on our own initiative to invent for fear we find an alternative they do not control. On the rare occasion someone does have a bright idea it is stolen or regulated out of potential.

We all have to play our part in changing how we relate to the Earth but first we must demolish the new world order, we must not get ahead of ourselves, to make change in this world we first have to become ‘Free’, free of the Illuminati, that is the pressing need of mankind before we can really see change for the better. This will be accomplished if we work together to force the changes through what little bit of democracy we have left.


With economic growth some say it must stop, others, there are no limits to growth. So what is growth? It is the measurement of the amount of money spent for goods and services in any year. This figure is what we call Gross National Product, GNP or Gross Domestic Product, GDP. Therefore ‘growth’ is the sum total of the entire positive and negative events in the world every year that involve money being spent. The money spent on improving the quality of people’s lives and that spent on wars, road accidents, responding to oil tanker disasters, all are measured in the same way by this system, all are adding to the economic tally – GDP. This is stupidity bordering on lunacy.

With this system what we call growth tells us nothing except how absurd our economic indicators are. When we speak of an end to growth or we say there are no limits to growth, we have to ask “what type of growth? and the growth of what?”

 Of course there are limits to growth if you are talking about the constant expansion of what we take from the planet and throw at her in pollution. But, when the true understanding of physics and technology is revealed and introduced in our everyday lives, we will see that this suppressed knowledge can give us warmth and power we need for a comfortable life for all the peoples of the world without destroying the planet.

Working to the centralised control of this planet along side the Club of Rome is the United Nations. In February 1972, an advertisement sponsored by the Rockefeller/CFR – controlled World Association of World Federalists appeared in The Humanist, the magazine of the American Humanist (this third dimension is all there is) Association. Take note of the use of words, problem and solution, it said:


“World Federalists believe that the environmental crisis facing the planet Earth is a global problem and therefore calls for a ‘global solution’ – a world wide United Nations Environment Agency with the power to make decisions stick. WAWF has submitted a proposal for just such an agency to be considered at the 1972 UN Environmental Conference to be held in Stockholm.”


The timing is very interesting here. 1972 was the year of the publication of the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth report. The troops were being gathered for the battle. It was a battle to persuade the public that there was a global environmental problem in need of a global centralised solution. The momentum generated from that UN Environment Programme or UNEP.  The first executive director was the Canadian, Maurice Strong (Comm 300), a millionaire oilman and former trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. He had been the secretary –general of the Stockholm conference and is a major voice in the Club of Rome. Strong and David Rockefeller wrote the forward for a Trilateral Commission book, Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing Of The World Economy And The Earth’s Ecology. Among the co-authors was Strong’s friend and fellow Canadian, Jim MacNeill, who had advised him at Stockholm. They were also both members of the World Commission on Environment and Development and MacNeill, as secretary general of that organisation, played a leading role in writing the report called Our Common Future, another tome constantly quoted by the environment movement. It is also known as The Brundtland Report, after the prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlam Brundtland, who put her name to it. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the European Union and population control measures. Her husband, Arne Olav Brundtland, is a Bilderberger.


In 1992 came the much-heralded United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which brought together the heads of world governments and the best known environmentalists, such as Britain’s Jonathan Porritt, the former head of UK Friends of the Earth and now advisor to Prince Charles. The secretary general of the Rio Summit was, well I never…Maurice Strong, David Rockefellers green friend. Strong was advised by Rockefeller’s other green buddy…Jim MacNeill.

Beyond Interdependence, the Trilateral Commission’s environment offering, was published in preparation for Rio, as was Global Economics and the Environment by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The theme was… centralisation of control to protect the world. Maurice Strong is president of the World Federation of The United Nations Associations, co-chairman of the World Economic Forum, and a member of the Club of Rome, among countless other bodies steeped in the New World Order.

Surely one can see how operatives like Strong are using the environment to justify centralisation of power.

Another well known green face behind the Rio Summit was Lester R. Brown, the ‘Anti-Establishment’ head of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington. His dislike for the establishment does not however, prevent him being a member of the CFR! His institute publishes the annual State of the World reports detailing the demise of the global environment. The state of the World Series is funded at its core; this is no secret, by The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Winthrop Rockefeller Trust, and the George Gund Foundation. In his state of the world 1991, Brown said:


“…the battle to save the planet will replace the battle over ideology as the organisating theme of the new world order…[with] the end of the ideological conflict that dominated a generation of international affairs, a new world order, shaped by a new agenda, will emerge.”


There had obviously been a mobilisation by the elite to speak with the same voice and also to use the environmentalists, by no means all, who do not know they are being manipulated. David Rockefeller (Comm 300), Henry Kissinger (Comm 300), Francois Mitterrand (Comm 300), Willy Brandt (Comm 300), Mikhail Gorbachev, and so many more all parroted the party line on the environment, which put succinctly, was global crisis=global solution. Gorbachev well schooled by his friends Rockefeller and Kissinger, suddenly began to speak passionately of the environment. He said:


“The ecological crisis we are facing today – from ozone depletion to deforestation and disastrous air pollution – is tragic but convincing proof that the world we all live in is interrelated and interdependent. This means that we need an appropriate international policy in the field of ecology. Only if we formulate such a policy shall we be able to avert catastrophe. True, the elaboration of such a policy poses unconventional and difficult problems that will affect the sovereignty of states.”


The New York Times columnist, Flora Lewis (CFR) welcomed Gorbachev’s call to instigate a plan for a global code of environmental conduct… [Which would] have an aspect of world government, because it would provide for the

World Court

to Judge States.”

You must question emphatically the environment movement especially from whence all this mumbo jumbo emanates.







Who Supplied Sadam’s Chemical Weapons

Could It Be Donald Rumsfeld?


One of the loudest voices calling for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the former Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, a man whose inability to tell the truth is beyond belief. Yet this man Rumsfeld was sent to meet Saddam Hussein by the Reagan-Bush White House in 1983 to arrange for the supply of chemical and biological weapons to Iraq for the war against Iran, which Iraq started in 1980 and continued for eight years. These US supplied weapons included anthrax and bubonic plague cultures. Conspiracy? Absolutely not, this information is contained in de-classified US state department documents that came to light in 2002. Rumsfeld’s meeting with Saddam, preceded by a warm handshake, was part of the Reagan-Bush, in reality a Kissinger-Bush policy of close co-operation with the Iraqi dictator. The documents reveal that the United States increased arms supplies to Saddam even after he had used US supplied poison gas against the Kurds in 1987 and 1988. President boy George Bush and Tony Blair constantly repeated in ‘justifying’ the 2003 invasion of Iraq that Saddam had used chemical weapons ‘against his own people’ when in truth, the US and Britain had supplied the means to do it. This US support for Saddam continued for seven years and only a week before Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the US Ambassador to Baghdad assured him that the then president father George Bush ‘wanted better deeper relations’.

An investigation in1994 by the Senate Banking Committee disclosed that dozens of biological agents were shipped to Iraq in the mid-1980’s under licence from the US Commerce Department. These included strains of anthrax that Rumsfeld, Bush and Powell cited in 2003 as one of the reasons they must invade Iraq. A month before Rumsfeld’s visit to Baghdad, George ‘Illuminati’ Shultz, the Secretary of State, was given intelligence reports showing that Iraqi troops were resorting to almost daily use of chemical weapons against the Iranians. Rumsfeld claimed he had cautioned Saddam about the use of chemical weapons at the 1983 meeting. So why supply them in the first place? Once again Rumsfeld was lying. Of course he was he was talking with his mouth wasn’t he!  When Rumsfeld’s lie was contradicted by the de-classified State Department note of his meeting with Saddam, a Pentagon spokesman said that Rumsfeld issued the caution to Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi Foreign Minister. If you are caught out on a lie, what do you do? Exactly, you tell another. Howard Teicher, a former National Security Council official during the Reagan Administration, said in a sworn affidavit that the United States ‘actively supported the Iraqi war effort by supplying the Iraqis with billions of dollars of credits, by providing military intelligence and advise to the Iraqi’s, and by closely monitoring third-country arms sales to Iraq to make sure Iraq had the military weaponry required’. Teicher said that William Casey, the former CIA Director, supplied Saddam with cluster bombs through a front company in Chile.


Much of the funding by daddy Bush to Saddam was channelled through a branch of Italy’s Banca Nazionale del Lavro (BNL) in Atlanta.



Who Supplied North Korea with Nuclear Technology?

Was It Donald Rumsfeld’s Company? You Bet!


In the year 2000, Rumsfeld was a director of the European engineering giant ABB, when it sold nuclear reactors to North Korea in a deal worth$200 million and this was the same nuclear capability cited by Rumsfeld, Bush and Co in 2002 as proof that North Korea was part of an ‘axis of evil’ that had to be confronted. Rumsfeld was on the ABB board for eleven years until he left to join the Bush administration in 2001. at the time of the nuclear deal ABB’s chief executive, Goran Lindahl, announced a ‘wide ranging, long-term cooperation agreement’ with the communist government. The type of reactors involved produced plutonium that needs refining before it can be weaponised. One US congressman and critic of the North Korean regime described the reactors as ‘nuclear bomb factories’. When questioned about this outrageous hypocrisy, Rumsfeld’s office said that the Defence Secretary did not recall it being brought before the board at any time’. That would be diplomatic amnesia I presume? Or to be frank, lying? A spokesman for ABB said that all board members were informed about the deal. These are the same people who lie about 911.





                               Who Forced The deadly poison Aspartame Into The Food chain?

                                                         Was It Donald Rumsfeld? Oooh Yes.



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