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I will end this phase of operations with the words of a man who claims to be the unofficial son of Philippe de Rothschild of the French Rothschilds. Now living in America Phillip Eugene de Rothschild lived and worked within the Illuminati network for most of his life. These are subjects to which he offered information relevant to subjects I have thus far covered in this work. On the Bloodlines:


“The key Nefilim bloodline is connected to a figure called Aeneas, the alleged head of the Roman Empire through his descendants Romulus and Remus. [The latter are codenames for the bloodlines and not real people as would be the same with Aeneas, Noah, and King David etc they are not necessarily people but bloodlines. As the Aeneas bloodline was fused in Troy it gives understanding as to why the Merovingians and the Knights Templar are so obsessed with Troy.]


 Phillip says that this “Aeneas” bloodline became what he called the “Rothberg dynasty - the union of the Bauer-Rothschild (same family different names) and the Battenbergs. [This is the Merovingian bloodline and also the line of the Hapsburgs, the leading family of the Holy Roman Empire for hundreds of years. This was the medieval state that embraced most of central Europe and Italy from 962 to 1806 ad. The Dutch researcher Franz Kamp suggests that the Habsburgs were originally Nordics who bred with the Nefilim in the ancient past, and that they are connected to the House of Lorraine (Orion).] Phillip says that this Rothberg bloodline within the Illuminati is called the “Gens” [this is a Latin word meaning race, tribe or male line of descent and comes from the term gignere- to beget.]

 Phillip says about the Aeneas bloodline:


“Apparently Aeneas embodies all the various bloodlines that must trace their lineage back through Charlemagne because in him is embodied the confluence of the lineage of both David (Jewish) and Alexander the Great (Aryan). It is the modern day representatives of these Roman Gens or European Monarchs that make up the ruling Aristocracy of the revived Roman Empire. These Royal families maintain their pedigree through endogamy (inter familial marriages). The first prototype of the Antichrist [the purest bloodline] was Nimrod, the founder of Babylon. The historical and seminal nexus of this last Roman Empire is Charlemagne and his descendants, people like Prince Philip Mountbatten (Rex Julius Alexander Battenberg) who is one of the ruling heads of the Julian Gens.”


Phillip says he is one of hundreds of thousands of unofficial Rothschild offspring. Stressing that often the most significant operatives within the Illuminati hide behind apparently ordinary lives while dictating the agenda and attending human sacrifice rituals. He says there are many public figures that are very high in the Illuminati - satanic pyramid and he highlights Prince Philip as a major player in the rituals he has attended:


“I can recall the Rockefellers and the Bushes attending rituals, but never having the supremacy to lead them. I still regard them as lackeys and not real brokers of Occult power. Except for Alan Greenspan [former head of the Federal Reserve Bank], most of these fellows were camp followers in the occult, primarily for the economic power and prestige. Greenspan, I recall was a person of tremendous spiritual, occult power and could make the Bushes and the younger Rockefellers cower with just a glance. Ex-CIA director Casey (as were most of the CIA leadership for the past forty years), Kissinger, and Warren Christopher [former US secretary of state] were in attendance at none ritual gatherings and some occult rituals as well, but well back in the gallery.

“At the forefront of the rituals [the Royal families of Europe], Prince Philip at the pinnacle. He stands like most of the contemporary European Monarchy, in the Charlemagne, Merovingian, Aenean bloodline. But he is its current head. I am certain that his maternal chromosomes are in the current “antichrist” Nefilim. Prince Philip… is the leading biological descendant of the Nefilim. Immediately below him are the males of my family line [Rothschilds] like a court of ministers in charge of logistics and operations. The current Monarchs of the Netherlands, Spain, and some old Austrian nobility [Habsbergs] are next in occult power and in the conspiracy.”

“All people in the occult except for a very, very small group are fully human beings, with both X and Y chromosomes from human mothers and father. The facial changes you see come from their multiple personality disorder and the demonic spirits manifesting through them. The antichrist and the false prophet are not humans; they are full Nefilim with X chromosomes from human mothers but their Y-chromosomes are from the angels [angel is code for Elohim]. These none human humanoids are born as a consequence of human idolatry with satanic angels, with a little help from the illuminist medical researchers.

He also says that all the top names he mentions, including the Rothschilds, etc, worship the snake in their rituals- “old Satan himself“, as he puts it. He also says that when they celebrated the old Babylonian rites, they worshipped, handled, and venerated the snake and the deadlier the better. He says that all his “former brethren”, including Clinton and Gore, have the worship of the snake in common. “It has always been so,” he adds, “from the Babylonians, to the Egyptians, to the Mayans, the Incas, the Polynesians - the commonest thread of human idolatry is the snake and the dragon.”


This is what he says about his own multiple personalities:


“Like the hundreds of thousands of this occult [Rothschilds] familys other biological children, I had my place and function within this clans attempt to control the world. My efforts and my familys efforts strove to have a member of the European nobility of the Habsburg family assume the pre-eminent position over humanity, a position called the antichrist by Christianity. While others were seeded into government, academia, business, or entertainment, my place was within the body of Christ. I was to be the focus for spiritual power and controller of a cult within this Church. In this Church have lived people who I have known all my life to be the controllers and power centres of both the Rothschild familys false prophet and the antichrist.

“Many dissociated Christians in the body of Christ hold similar corporate spiritual, occult positions as part of the satanic new world order. In my being I embodied the Lucifarian morning star within the Church. I represented the presence of all the other Satanists who were related to me in the morning star; their spirits were present in me in the Church. Constructed through ritual but empowered by legions of demonic spirits, I was a human and spiritual focus of corporate satanic energy into the body of Christ”

“Or the Rothschilds, and for Satan himself I am sure, this was the ultimate sadistic irony in using Christians to bring in the antichrist, but there is certain demonic brilliance to it. By seeding the body of Christ with his occult followers, Satan has been able to generate the spiritual and sociological forces that are required to bring in the false prophets and the antichrists reign.”


The same can be said of Billy Graham and Jessie Jackson.

Phillip also speaks of his close family;


“My father was a decadent dilettante as well as a master Satanist and hater of God, but how he loved the fields and the wines. He used to say it brought out the primitive in him.”


The estates are now run by Baron Philippes daughter, Baroness Philippine, who, Phillip Eugene says, is his half sister. He was, he writes, conceived by occult incest and was one of the hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and illegitimate offspring of this powerful financial and occult family. Much of this is done artificially through illuminati sperm banks.

Phillip also says that for most of his childhood and adolescence he lived with his Rothschild father on his estate in France. They had a physical relationship, he says, and he was held fast in the emotional power of incest, which, in this culture, was normal and to be admired. He says he observed his fathers lust for power and began to desire the same.  He also confirmed the way the occult bloodlines are controlled by demonic entities. “Being a Rothschild descendant”, he said, “I was maximally demonised.” he continues:


“I was present at my fathers death in 1988, receiving his power and the commission to carry out my destiny in the grand conspiracy of my family. Like their other children, I played a key role in my familys revolt against God. When I watch CNN, it startles me to see so many familiar faces now on the world stage in politics, art, finance, fashion, and business. I grew up with these people meeting them at ritual worship sites and in the centres of power. Financiers, artists, Royalty, and even Presidents, all these dissociated people work and conspire today to bring in the new world order. These people, like me, are SRA/DID [Satanically ritually abused and dissociative identity disorder - or multiples,]

“The last non-dissociative President of the United States was Dwight Eisenhower; except for him, everyone since Teddy Roosevelt has had some level of dissociative disorder and some level of involvement with the occult. President Clinton has full blown multiple personality disorder and is an active sorcerer in the satanic mystery religions. This is true of Al Gore, as well; I have known misters Clinton and Gore from our childhood as active and effective Satanists.”





Phillip Eugene de Rothschild told me [David Icke] the following about Oral Roberts and his son Richard Roberts from his own direct experience in the Satanic network of the Illuminati:

"Oral Roberts succeeded in hijacking contemporary American Christianity to worship a different Jesus under the power of a different holy spirit. Oral has been (and still most probably is, despite his retirement) an occult priest of the old Sumero-Akkadian mystery religion. Satanism in its most pristine form.


Mr Roberts was my occult spiritual mentor and indoctrinator. He has been the closest of friends to my Rothschild family and to Prince Philip... Mr Richard Roberts is a corrupt tele-evangelist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Richard is now actively enlarging the occult spiritual legacy of his father. Mr Roberts is an occult sorcerer par excellence who is empowering the apostasy of contemporary American and Western Christianity."7

The evangelists Robert Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale offer a similar story. Schuller, like Graham, is sexually served by women from the Illuminati mind control programmes. Peale, a good friend of Graham, is a 6th-degree Illuminati through the Pilgrim Society, another strand in the web. By far the largest number of "new converts" from Graham's New York Crusade have been handed to Peale's church.


Oral Roberts has been seen by Springmeier and Wheeler sources taking part in Satanism and mind control. The Charismatic Movement is an Illuminati creation. Graham helped to launch the OralRobertsUniversity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Southern Baptists, of whom Graham is a member, are Illuminati controlled, through the Freemasons.


Jesse Jackson, another Illuminati "preacher" and friend of Graham, is a Prince Hall Freemason, the order for black people. What a monumental fraud this guy Jackson is, but then he's not alone. The 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is an honorary degree and can only be attained at the behest of those who control the 33rd degree from its supreme headquarters in the serpent-decorated temple in Washington.


Jim Shaw, who was initiated there, said in The Deadly Deception that he saw some very famous faces at the ceremony:

"There were some extremely prominent men there that day. including a Scandinavian king [King Gustav of Sweden is Illuminati and, of course, bloodline], two former presidents of the United States, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other internationally prominent clergymen, and a very high official of the federal government, the one who actually presented me with the certificate of the 33rd degree."8 (My emphasis).



On only two occasions, Springmeier and Wheeler say, were any of these people aware of what the others had told them. Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who claims to have been conceived and brought up by Baron Philippe de Rothschild in France, says that he was given a front-altar personality as a pious Christian, which covered his Satanic programming. He was programmed ("dissociated") to infiltrate the Christian Church for the Rothschilds and the Illuminati network.





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