ECO SYSTEM DESTRUCTION. One of the most dangerous aspects of the New World Order's war against the planet.




Here we have two excellent videos fully explaining every aspect of the reality we face with Genetically Modified Crops, they are a great introduction to this issue and an essential study in exposing this absolutely terrifying prospect..



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                                                 Exposed: The Great GM Crops Myth


Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.



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                                               IN LEAN TIMES, BIOTECH GRAINS ARE LESS TABOO

            What a good way to force their frankenstein creation onto the desperate



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 I will begin with the information placed within Phase XIV released to all councillors September 2007, I will place it here as it was without any change, we shall then continue with the many consequences of this agenda.



Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Agenda.


I have stated in earlier phases that the GM agenda is about control and finance via patents to the modified crops, but this is only on one level.

If we take Canada as the example, the GM agenda has been a disaster, a disaster for none GM farmers. A report in Mexico in 2003 revealed it was much worse than was believed possible. Analysis showed the presence in none GM crops, that up to four GM varieties had cross contaminated none GM farmer’s crops. As I have already stated these GM strains are patented by transnational biotech corporations. To those farmers who have suffered the cross contamination which in itself is one hell of a nightmare was not the final nightmare. What happened next was that these biotech companies then demand royalties from the farmers for having through no wish of there own, had there crops contaminated by the GM farmers crops. So to all you organic farmers in this nation who I know many of you to be Freemasons, once the go ahead is given in this nation you will all pay massive royalties to the biotech companies for growing their patented strain of crop. The only reason we in this nation have not yet allowed this agenda to roll on is because of pressure groups. But there has been trials in this nation so the cross contamination has already begun.  Michael Meacher the Minister of State for the Environment, sacked by Tony Blair in 2003, highlighted the lack of research and the serious risk posed by GM food let alone the patent agenda, he also stated Blair was totally un- interested in the science showing the dangers and was determined that GM be given the go ahead. This brings me again to Lord Sainsbury who has massive investments in the bio tech industry, and state again, Sainsbury is an operative of the Illuminati and will be a benefactor of the royalties to the GM agenda. Another Blair advisor is Sir Christopher Evens another big bio tech operative he is also involved in the ‘loans for Peerages scandal. GM crops are a major Illuminati agenda. This agenda will only be stopped if you the people create such massive protests that they cannot expand this agenda. Again for the GM agenda to be stopped we must remove ourselves from Europe. It will be under this, ‘super fascist dictatorships orders’, that the forcing of this agenda en-mass upon Britain will eventually become reality, removing as it does power from the British democracy to decide its own policy, and to instil the global policy of the Illuminati. To beat this agenda we must remove our subservience to the CrownTemple and thus Rome.

The biggest and loudest voice for the agenda of GM foods is MONSANTO of St Louis, Missouri, one of the most important Illuminati corporations on the planet. These were the guys behind Agent Orange, used to grotesque affect in the Vietnam War; this is also the company marketing the horrific brain scrambling (and then some)  trio of chemicals we know as ‘Aspartame’. Bill Gates of Microsoft is also a big player in this agenda. The chemical poison aspartame was manipulated through the American FDA by Donald Rumsfeld. US Air Force Pilots are not allowed to consume Aspartame, period. It is the chemical Methanol (wood Alcohol) that scrambles the brain found within aspartame, a poison that causes blindness and death; to consume two teaspoons is a lethal dose. another chemical  making up this poison is Phenylalanine, this depletes the levels of serotonin, a brain chemical and neurotransmitter that regulates among other things behaviour and sleep patterns. This aspect of aspartame is responsible for psychological problems.


So as you can see the   aspartame agenda is to directly alter the RNA, DNA operation and thus re – programme your whole system. So please for your own and your children’s sake understand that this chemical alters your DNA in a negative way. There are no positives to this poison whatever. I have listed this chemicals affects in a previous phase, I will not go over them again. The GM crops act in exactly the same way, re – programming your DNA to further disrupt your consciousness, this is the true agenda of the massive supermarket chains becoming the only source of food purchase for the masses, and of course perfect for the destroying of human life via the food chain. We must act against the GM agenda NOW before all crops are cross contaminated to the point they will be unable to be altered back to there original genetics. This really is a nightmare scenario of the utmost calibre, you must grasp this. This alone will change the eco system with consequences for all life.

There are many aspects to this attack aimed at diss – functioning human life, there is a cumulative affect with the contamination of our water supplies and operating in conjunction with all other additives in our food. With the trials already carried out with GM crops in Britain you can bet your life they were positioned in the places that would best serve this cross contaminating of the whole nation, taking into consideration the wind.


December 1st. 2006, the government announced trials of genetically altered potato crops  to be carried out in the spring, carried out by the chemical company B.A.S.F, better known as part of IG Farben and for its audio cassettes and currently advertising itself as, “thee…  chemical company”, perhaps the new IG Farben. What was laughable yet proves my point about the environment agency is the environment spokesman they wheeled out to speak about the proposed trials stated “the environment is our prime concern”? I rest my case your honour!! It was then announced that the farmer involved in the trials has pulled out? Good on you!


The manipulation of the debate in Britain on genetically modified food is a classic of its kind. Blair said he wanted a public debate on the issue and then delayed all scientific reports into the potential lethal dangers of it until after the debate had taken place. This is what Michael Meacher was hinting at. This same tactic was used by Blair with the first vote on Iraq and just recently with the vote on Trident.

GM food worldwide is a plan via the Club of Rome, because it will create the health and genetic changes in humans that they want to introduce; it will undermine the human immune system; and make every grower on the planet regardless of how poor, dependant on the seeds of the Transnationals which of course are the banks, and the prices they will charge for them?  It’s a swindle . Control and population dysfunction is what GM foods are all about.

When you question the Blair line, as with Bush in the USA, the consequences can be brutal. Dr Arpad Pusztai is considered the world expert on GM Food with more than 270 published studies relating to the subject. He was working at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, when he was interviewed for a World in Action television documentary on August 10th, 1998. What he said was to destroy his career because of the reaction of Tony Blair. Dr Pusztai told the programme that rats fed on GM potatoes had suffered stunted growth, damage to the immune system and their liver, heart and other organs got smaller.  He said this was also the case with the brain, but he had not mentioned that to avoid being alarmist. He said of GM food, “if I had the choice I would certainly not eat it”. On the evening the programme was broadcast, Dr Pusztai was congratulated for his contribution by Professor Philip James, director at the Rowett Institute. The next morning the institute issued a press release highlighting that a “range of carefully controlled studies underlie the basis of Dr Pusztai concerns.”

Forty eight hours later he was suspended and ordered to hand over all his data. His research team was disbanded and he was threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject. Even his personal assistant was banned from talking to him and he was alerted to an Institute press release that his contract was not being renewed. His wife was also sacked. Dr Pusztai was to have two heart attacks and his wife was put on permanent medication for high blood pressure. The Rowett Institute lied and lied about the reasons for their disgraceful treatment of Dr Pusztai, as was later proved. The truth was that his comments on GM food, coming from such a world class source, had threatened to blow apart the Illuminati plan, and so he had to be destroyed with the usual vindictiveness. Dr Pusztai is certain his demise was caused by Tony Blair. He says the day after the World in Action programme, two phone calls were made from Blair’s office to his boss, Philip James, and the next day he was fired. Dr Pusztai says he was told by a senior manager at Rowett that Blair’s intervention was prompted by a phone call from the United States President Bill Clinton. The story was confirmed by Professor Robert Orskov, one of Britain’s top nutrition researchers, who worked for Rowett for 33 years. He said he was told that phone calls went from Monsanto to Clinton and then to Blair. “Clinton rang Blair and Blair rang James”, he said, “There is no doubt he was pushed by Blair to do something. It was damaging the relationship between the USA and Britain because it was going to be a huge blow for Monsanto.” David Hill, the director of ‘Good Relations’, the Monsanto public relations company in the UK, ran the media campaign for Blair’s Labour Party in the general election victories of 1997 and 2001. Another eminent researcher, Stanley Ewen, said that he was told the same story by another senior figure at Rowett:


“That conversation is sealed in my mind. My jaw dropped to the floor. I suddenly saw it all, it was the missing link. Until then, I couldn’t understand how on Monday Arpad had made the most wonderful breakthrough, and on Tuesday it was the most dreadful piece of work and was rejected out of hand.”


The vicious campaign against Dr Pusztai was as coordinated as it was callous. Reports attacking him were published by the Illuminati’s Royal Society, which is ‘the scientific establishment’, and by the Science and Technology select committee of the House of Commons with its pro-Blair majority. Cabinet Minister Jack Cunningham, another Blair lapdog, condemned Dr Pusztai’s “wholly misleading results” and said that all GM food in Britain would be safe to eat. So Cunningham knows more about the GM trials and results than the leading expert in the world? Bollocks.

As far as the Illuminati are concerned, “GM food is a done deal”.


This pathetic idea of a man they call Blair, has presided over the most corrupt and untruthful government we have had for a long time and has fundamental ties to the Bio-tech industry. In the first two years in office Blair’s government had 81 meetings with GM food companies, and of course when Blair’s un-elected Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury was appointed he held massive shareholdings in the bio-tech companies, Diatech and Innotech, which were placed in a blind trust, so that he could not knowingly benefit from decisions he makes in government. Does that mean such a shrewd businessman as Sainsbury has forgotten he has them then? Bollocks.

 He had made £20 million profit in four years from Innotech and such wealth allows him to be the biggest single donor to Blair’s Labour Party with payments of more than £8 million since it came to power. But what of professor James, the head of Rowett, who also felt the wrath of Blair? At the time he enjoyed good relations with Blair and had been chosen to head the planned Food Standards Agency. But that changed after Dr Pusztai made his comments. “You destroyed me” he told Dr Pusztai.

In the pre budget report from Gordon Brown on the 6th December 06, a point that was not taken up by the majority of the analysis on the TV programmes and news reports, was the subject he quickly breeched about changes to the copyright and patent capabilities to companies to protect their ideas and ownership. This is the move towards the ability to these biotech companies to collect the patents for the GM crops from all you farmers that will find their crops in the position of cross contamination. This shows the real power of the controllers of the media in not highlighting these points and thus they will be missed by the majority of the populations. That is power ladies and gents, this is the reason empires like that of Murdoch and GEC have to be broken up and removed from the monopolies they are, enabling the suppression of important facts we in this nation need to be debated through the media and TV in order you can see the bigger picture and how these changes now, will affect and play into the new world order I have exposed over these years.


If we now look at the consequence on insect life, especially the Bee. I have also placed in the Latest news page a report claiming mobile phone transmitters are having an effect on our Bees, which makes sense in that up to now only small trials of GM crops have been carried out in Britain, yet we are witnessing a decline in our Bee populations, so the two go together and expose a great att5ack on the ecological balance of nature, of course all attention is focused to CO2 as the real danger to our eco system, so we are dealing with a diversion as well as a levelling of tax and legislation.



Death of the Bees: GMO Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America


By Brit Amos

March 25, 2008


‘Commercial beehives pollinate over a third of [North}America’s crops and that web of nourishment encompasses everything from fruits like peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries and more, to nuts like California almonds, 90 percent of which are helped along by the honeybees. Without this pollination, you could kiss those crops goodbye, to say nothing of the honey bees produce or the flowers they also fertilize’. 1

      This essay will discuss the arguments and seriousness pertaining to the massive deaths and the decline of Bee colonies in North America. As well, it will shed light on a worldwide hunger issue that will have an economical and ecological impact in the very near future. 

      There are many reasons given to the decline in Bees, but one argument that matters most is the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and "Terminator Seeds" that are presently being endorsed by governments and forcefully utilized as our primary agricultural needs of survival. I will argue what is publicized and covered by the media is in actuality masking the real forces at work, namely the impact of genetically modified seeds on the reproduction of bee colonies across North America

      Genetically modified seeds are produced and distributed by powerful biotech conglomerates. The latter manipulate government agricultural policy with a view to supporting their agenda of dominance in the agricultural industry. American conglomerates such as Monsanto, Pioneer HiBred and others, have created seeds that reproduce only under certain conditions, often linked to the use of their own brands of fertilizer and/or insecticide. 

The genetic modification of the plant leads to the concurrent genetic modification of the flower pollen. When the flower pollen becomes genetically modified or sterile, the bees will potentially go malnourished and die of illness due to the lack of nutrients and the interruption of the digestive capacity of what they feed on through the summer and over the winter hibernation process.

      I will argue that the media reports tend to distract public opinion from the true cause which underlies the destruction of bee colonies. As such, outlined are four major arguments which the biotech conglomerates (which produce and market GMO seeds) have used to mislead the public regarding the demise of the bees. These arguments include Varroa mites, parasites, cell phones, and terminator seeds.


Argument 1: Varroa mites 2

      Firstly, while there are some people who want to pin the blame on these mites, such views are unconvincing in that the argument does not make any sense because the main source of disease for these bees is intestinal disease. In fact, ‘many bee experts assumed Varroa mites were a major cause of the severe die-off in the winter of 2005. Yet when researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, traveled to Oakdale, California, where Anderson and a number of his fellow beekeepers spend winter and spring, they could find no correlation between the level of Varroa mite infestation and the health of bee colonies. ‘We couldn’t pin the blame for the die-off on any single cause,’ says Jeff Pettis, a research entomologist from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, 3 However, treatments against mites may be leaving hives open to the onslaught of powerful pathogens, much in the same way the overuse of antibiotics lead to super bugs in society today. What does that say about our future? We have learned that in the 1960’s and 1970’s, among other human ailments, DDT was a major cause of cancer in humans and animals; however, the substitution of such pesticides was a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, the long term effects on the human population has yet to be understood as the compromise of the immune system may be happening quicker than we are ready to accept, even regarding the advent of super bugs. One can see that even this medical implication has severe economical implications.


Argument 2: Parasites

      Secondly; Crops and even hedges, verges, and woodlands, and even where bees remain are sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals are the practical extension of an exasperating belief that nature is our enemy. Pouring poison on our food is a very simplistic way of dealing with our problems however it ignores the root causes. “New genetically modified crops, designed to be immune to certain pesticides and herbicides, have resulted in the increased usage of these chemicals. Pesticides, particularly Bayer’s imidacloprid, a nicotine-based product marketed under the names Admire, Provado, Merit, Marathon, and Gaucho have been concretely implicated 4 in the destruction of bee populations before (see also) 5. The fact that other bees and insects are not raiding deserted hives to feed on the honey as they normally would lends some credence to the theory of a toxic overload. The toxic overload is certainly a concern, but wouldn’t it also need to be considered that this is systematic in the degeneration of the digestive process, such as in human’s inability to digest preservatives and not absorb the enzymes to break down the foods eaten for survival?


Argument 3: cell phones

      Thirdly, there was also a misconstrued study on cell phone radiation 6 and its effects on the bee’s ability to navigate which turned out to be an over-zealous unthinking reaction by an article in the Independent news. Some have also mentioned other navigational hindrances such as UV radiation, shifting magnetic fields and even quantum physics 7 as a reason to the destruction of the bees.

There is certain implications to this theory, and it has been proven that electromagnetic radio wave lengths to affect the navigation of the bees. However the sun emits radiation spurts all the time, yet this has not offered a hindrance to the bees.


Argument 4: Terminator Seeds

      Lastly, ‘Leaked documents seen by the Guardian show that Canada wants all governments to accept the testing and commercialization of “Terminator” crop varieties. These seeds are genetically engineered to produce only infertile seeds, which farmers cannot replant, also to mention that the bees that are trying to collect pollen, found to have their digestive tract diseases, such as amoeba and nosema disease’ 8These diseases are mainly located in the digestive tract system. After studies of the autopsy, the most alarming trait is that the lower intestine and stinger have discolored to black vs. the normal opaque color, Synominus with colon cancer in humans.



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   TAKE ACTION: Stop Genetically Engineered

                                         Sugar Beets

April, 2008 - Leading U.S. sugar providers whose sugar is sourced from genetically engineered (GE) sugar beets begin sending their "Franken-sugar" to stores this year. In 2001, Hershey's, M&M Mars, and American Crystal Sugar told consumers they would not use GE sugar; but now that sugar beets are close to being planted commercially, they have yet to renew those assurances.


Let these companies know you expect them to live up to their pledge to consumers - click on the company names below to make your voice heard! (A sample letter is attached at the end of this story for your convenience.)


American Crystal Sugar Company


M&M/Mars Inc.


Since half of the granulated sugar in the U.S. comes from sugar beets, the infiltration of GE sugar beets represents a significant alteration of our food supply. These sugars, as well as genetically engineered corn and soy, are found in hundreds of everyday food products. This means consumers will be exposed to genetically engineered ingredients in virtually every non-organic food product.

Unlike traditional breeding, genetic engineering creates new life forms that would never occur in nature, creating new and unpredictable health and environmental risks. Genes from bacteria, viruses, plants, animals - even humans - have already been inserted into common food crops, like corn, soy, and canola, to create "Frankencrops". Now companies like Monsanto have set their sights on our sugar.

In fact, a new option available this year, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beet, was genetically engineered to survive direct application of their own controversial broad-spectrum herbicide, Roundup. Studies indicate farmers planting the "Roundup Ready" versions of corn and soy spray large amounts of the herbicide, contaminating both soil and water. Farmers planting GE sugar beets are told they may be able to apply the herbicide up to five times per year. Sugar beets are grown on 1.4 million acres by 12,000 farmers in the U.S. from Oregon to Minnesota.

Now, at the request of Monsanto, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency increased the allowable amount of glyphosate residues on sugar beetroots by an unbelievable 5000%. (Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup). Sugar is extracted from the beet’s root, and the result is more glyphosate pesticide in our sugar.  This is not good news for those who want to use sugar, or products containing sugar, without the threat of ingesting toxic weed killer.

Mother's Day is fast approaching - tell Hershey’s, Mars, and American Crystal that you love your mother and will not buy her any sweets unless they are GE-Free! (Click on the company names to make your voice heard. A sample letter is attached below for your convenience.)




































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