OF THE HUMAN RACE



 After being symbolised in the Protocols of Zion, the first vocal expression of the term;

 'NEW WORLD ORDER', is to be found within doctrines written by Napoleon, then the Theosophical Society after Blavatsky, spoken by Alice Bailey, it would then be vocalized through the Nazi's of Adolf HITLER. Hitler’s father was the illegitimate son of the ROTHSCHILDS family. His grandmother while working as a maid at the HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD family in Austria was raped. With the Rothschild in question known to have a liking for the ladies, Hitler’s mother became pregnant and immediately left her post at the house. Hitler's rise from obscurity to the position of Lord Chancellor and ultimately to dictator of Germany, was not some kind of fluke occurrence. His journey after the

 FIRST WORLD WAR would take him into the realms of the occult world, or secret world, and by following those he came into contact with, gives the game away. Hitler's rise had everything to do with the company he would fall in with, people, and minds of the darkest nature, such as

 Dietrich Eckhart, Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido von list, among others, of the THULE SOCIETY. One can follow his shift from angry corporal to fanatical black magician...with power, quite distinctly, without having to surmise or guess. I will not detail this here but will offer it in full within this website. The main focus at this point would be his link with the self confessed Anti-Christ,

 ALEISTER CROWLEY, thus attained once he had been, 'Plugged In', as the term goes, to the lower fourth dimension having undergone the most darkest of ritual, It was Dietrich Eckhart who claimed to have achieved this plugging in, by giving Hitler the means of direct communion with the race of supermen, as they call them. Aleister Crowley was an ex member of the secret society the Golden Dawn, which was a society formed out of the same esoteric circles as the 

THULE SOCIETY, he was also leader of OTO just a couple of the satanic secret societies to which Hitler was also involved. The most interesting fact in relation to the occult aspects of the Nazi Party, and a fact that proves such relationships, would be the outstretched arm Nazi salute, which was given to Hitler by Aleister Crowley, taken from the Golden Dawn salute. Now this is were it gets rather interesting, because not only did Aleister Crowley advise and have links with Hitler, he advised and had links with two other very important people before and during the SECOND WORLD WAR... A chap called Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Crowley gave Roosevelt the thumbs up sign, and gave Churchill the 'V' for victory hand sign. So what we have here are three so-called great men taking their occult advice from one man. Anyone versed in the ways of the black arts would understand what was going on here. I will offer at this point a great video to fully explain what I have thus written about Hitler, a great insight into the esoteric fantasy to which man has plunged his mind, since its conception...The real issue here is:

"WHO CONTROLS THE FANTASY WE HAVE PLAYED OUT ON THE STAGE OF LIFE FOR 7000 YEARS AND BEYOND". That is the question this page aims to answer... :





 It would be quite a few years before we heard the term New World Order again after the period of the WORLD WAR II, but it would rear its ugly head once again, 1990 to be precise, in a speech made by GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, the father of the current George W Bush, both members of the Russell's SKULL AND BONES. The interesting connection here lies in the fact that the HOUSE OF BUSH fortune was made during the 1930's by the grandfather to George W Bush, PRESCOTT BUSH. So we are dealing with exactly the same mindset. He was the middle-man between the American ROTHSCHILD'S and ROCKEFELLER'S, and the funding of Hitler’s giant arms manufacturer company, I.G. Farben. So the Bush- Nazi links go way back. My point would be to show that what many believe to be a new ideology goes way back. But in reality goes back to Babylon, because all these people and families are but the public front for forces way darker and powerful than you would be prepared to believe, but for now let us look at the recent history and story of the New World Order. BUSH ALLIANCES  POPY AND MOMMY 


 This is the speech in which GEORGE H BUSH (left) In 1990, continued the New World Order agenda openly; this was at the time of the FirstGulf war, Click Link below:


                                                         CLICK LINK GEORGE BUSH NWO



Now for a face we all know, the Masonic puppet of the Zionist Order Gordon Brown (left) in his speech made on June 20th 2007 from the centre of the City of London, Click Link Below

                                                   CLICK LINK GORDON BROWN NWO



This is by far the best video giving the real facts about the London bombings and the real reason for its activation. David Shayler the ex MI5 operative turned whistleblower takes you on a journey of blatant co-operation by all politicians in relation to cover up of the facts. An excellent video click link below...



                                              CLICK VIDEO LINK 77 BOMBINGS


                                                                        CLICK LUDICROUS DIVERSION


LONDON 7-7-2005 -2005 2 5 =7, 777London was attacked on the orders of The Jesuit General Mr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach (left), supreme commanding general of all secret societies, known around the world thanks to the Italians as The Black Pope. (See photo to left) This man dictates to the elected Pope and is believed by many to be the world's most powerful man who is in charge of The SOCIETY OF JESUS. This is the man who with the ordering of the London bombings helped to advance his new Atlantis, One World Government with the absolute Universal Monarch of the World, The Papal Caesar at the throne of power being the World Controller. The Archbishop of Westminster would be fully aware of the plan along with his masters the Jesuits at Stoneyhurst which some feel is the  capital of England. That is the reality some investigators see as the peak of the whole conspiracy...I however do not. Yes he is the Black Pope, yes he is in total control of the Jesuit Order, but he takes his orders from the Imperial Roman bloodlines, better known as the royal bloodlines of Europe. FREEMASONRY is nothing but a regiment of the elite Roman Guard, the Praetorian Guard of the ages today called the; JESUIT ORDER. Never has this order taken any orders from the puppet Popes, it is a completely separate organisation from the elected Popes, answerable only to the Black Pope,  Ratzinger, the ex SS Officer do not forget, is the prophesied last pope, this proves we are at the final stages of the New World Order, because after this Pope the seat of power moves to Jerusalem with the Anti-Christ taking his seat on the throne of the world, seated at the top of the pyramid in which shape the Temple is best described. The 'ANTI-CHRIST' chosen from among the elite Nefilim bloodlines, will take his throne, the seat of absolute power within Jerusalem, The Great Work Of The Ages will be complete, and hell will come in the light of Lucifer for all mankind. This shows itself with Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 requesting the Zionist HENRY KISSINGER to act as a papal advisor; which he accepted. Kissinger, is of course the shuttle diplomat between the Imperial bloodlines and the leaders of many secret societies across the world, so we can see the Roman-Jerusalem connection at the highest levels showing itself overtly, it has always been the case covertly.

London was bombed by British intelligence agency MI5/MI6 and Mossad and it’s to be blamed on Al-QAEDA which itself is run by the CIA under the real name of Maktab al-Khidamar (MAK). Osama Bin Laden was CIA and once CIA, always CIA it’s that simple my friends. Al-Qaeda is Fiction - The organisation doesn't exist as a large terrorist organisation, and as BENAZIR BHUTTO stated to Sir David Frost in an interview before her assassination, she had met with the man who murdered Osama bin Laden. So even the great boogie man does not exist...we are chasing shadows all the while we have our democracies demolished under the anti-terror legislation.



 I have put together a diagraphic menu of the power structure, as best as I can, I have detailed the structure with the main organisations leaving the many offshoots to the named operations. I find it can get way too complex to follow if you try and place every single order or society, so I have put it together with names of the operations you should recognise in today's climate.  I would ask you understand that many of such organisations are representations of older organisations, that the structure is the same, even though in the ancient times this structure would have had different titles, they do not change their Modus Operandi in their strategy. Each few centuries they shed their skin to cover their tracks to history, and as history proves so well, a name change has been very why would they change the overall strategy...they would not. I have written many times, one does not necessarily need to be a prophet, although a healthy sixth sense produces great insight when studying the game, once you break their system, you can see it in every event throughout history, that is the key to understanding the Illuminati. Like any code breakers that have ever been, the difficulty is breaking the code, understanding the system, once this is achieved it becomes child's play to forecast their next move.


                                                        THE TREE OF DEATH


                                                                        NETWORK OF   





               THE ILLUMINATI }



                                                                          COMM 300


                                                        BLACK POPE

                                                     INDIAN SUFIS      PRAETORIAN GUARD      TIBETAN LAMAS

                                     HINDU                            JESUITS                          BUDDHISM

                 _____________|__________________|    |   |____________________|____________                  

                                      |                                                   PRIORY OF SION                                                      |

                        KNIGHTS OF ST JOHN                KNIGHTS OF MALTA                                    KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

                 |__________________________|              |             |_ __________________________|

                                           |                               THE POPE                                 |

                ____________ _|____________________ |______________________|___________

                |                    ISLAM                        THE VATICAN                           CHINA                 |

                |            MYSTIC SHRINE                        |                              GRAND ORIENT      |

                |   MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD       OPUS DEI                                      |___________|________

                                     |                    HAMAS                                   |_______________                                      |               |

                                     |                          |                                         |                             |                                      |     HONG KONG

                                     |                  AL QUADA                                 |                             |                                      |         SOCIETY 

                                     |                                                                    |                             |                                      |         TRIADS


                       PROTESTANT CHURCH                         VATICAN BANK                |            KNIGHTS OF THE SEPULCHRE      

                                     |________________ BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS)                      |

                         FREEMASONRY               |                     ROSICRUCIANS                |             KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA

                                     |                     CALVINISM                        |                   CARDINALS                         |

                             BAPTIST                         |                           ZIONISTS                        |                                    P2

                                     |                   PURITANISM                        |                        BISHOPS                             |

                          METHODIST                    |                   BANKING SYSTEM             |                               MAFIA

                                     |             CHRISTIAN ZIONISM                    |                       PRIESTS

                          MORMONS                      |                        ROUND TABLE

                                     |                        ISRAEL                            |


          |                                |                     NEO CONS                        |

                          SCIENTOLOGY                             COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS

                                     |                                                                    |

E                              ELIM                                          TRILATERAL COMMISSION

                                     |                                                                    |

AL                           ALPHA                                                BILDERBERGGROUP     


                                                                         CLUB OF ROME 


                                                                       UNITED NATIONS      


                                                         WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION          




                                                               THE CLIMATE COALITION


                                                            WORLD ECONOMICS FORUM


                                                 INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


                                               BUSINESS INDUSTRY ADVISORY COMMITEE            


                                                              BRITISH MARITIME LAW


                                                                      COMMON LAW


                                                                    VATICAN STATES










 After searching the Web, this is the video I found which closely relates to the diagram above, a good video with only a couple of mistakes.

Firstly CECIL RHODES died in 1902, but it was his ROUND TABLE that created the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921.

Secondly, the Imperial bloodlines dictate to their Praetorian Guard, The Jesuits.


                                                 CLICK LINK WHO CONTROLS THE WORLD



 Here are two brilliant videos found on 2 April 2008 an essential watch even though they emanate from within the Mormon Church, there is a lot of good information not to be sneezed at, whilst remembering all three founding fathers of the Church of Mormon were 33 degree Freemasons, and the controlling priesthood is called the Melchezadek priesthood, yet another name for the Elohim / Anunnaki. So look at the information without holding any hope in this Illuminati controlled church. The Christian movements in America have been excellent in their exposure of the Illuminati, yet they, like the force they feel they are at war with, would have us in religious chains as quick as those I am exposing, it would be a case of replacing one fanatical priesthood with another, so keep this in mind. We have to come together as a people with our faith.


                                         CLICK ROMAN EMPIRE RULES TODAY PART I 


                                                            CLICK ROMAN EMPIRE RULES TODAY PART II                 




Please understand, within this power structure I am certainly not suggesting all personnel in all of these organisations are knowingly operating for the Imperial bloodlines. This is insight into how by means of controlling the leading people within this structure, the Imperial bloodlines have controlled everything from behind the scenes. With Constantine and his mother-wife placing the Church between the bloodlines and the populations, this very event over the decades after, set the bloodlines into the shadows with all those who had agreed with the rebel Egyptian/Jew who preached against the Jewish/Egyptian Temple slowly but surely taking the Roman Church as the head of what he represented. There were of course those who knew of the deception and formed secret societies to, in their eyes, carry fourth what he actually said, hence the Gnostic's and the many other societies who claim to have the real meaning of the rebel. One can see this in the constant changes that where made to the Gospels with all the council meetings held by the Church of Peter's leaders, constantly changing the doctrines to cover their deception as such lies were released from these secretive societies. Celsus gives insight into such schisms when in 344 AD he wrote:


  “You utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them seem likely… You have altered three, four times and oftener, the texts of your own Gospels in order to   deny objections to you.”



"Why believe an hysterical woman" on the resurection.


He was a bit of a woman hater I feel. So between the times of Constantine and the emergence of Charles Martel, the Church had re-organised its doctrine and established a solid foundation on which they would spread the Church across Europe, by force. Of Course by the time of Charles Martel, the Imperial Bloodlines had usurped the Merovingian bloodline of Gaul with the installation of the Carolingian's through breeding into the Merovingian line, thus the base was set to destroy the Gaul’s and press into the Germanic tribes and hold off the Moslem's to the south. Charlemagne would further enshrine the pretence of separation between the Imperial Bloodlines and the Church and Pope, all the while the Pope's, remaining a puppet of the Imperial bloodlines.


After the time of Charlemagne, the battles would continue between the Germanic peoples and the hybrid bloodlines culminating in the 100 year war between the Hohenstaufen's, representing the Germanic tribes, and the hybrid Germanic-VENETIAN tribe known as the 

 Black Guelph's (Welf), from whence we get the term Black Nobility. All the current ruling European Bloodlines today are of the Black Nobility. The Black Guelph's were victorious, and ensured the Church of Rome remained the power in Europe, thus continuing its expansion.


The next manipulated schism to continue its power would be the reformation, and the Protestant split, again giving the Imperial Bloodlines control over all who despised the Roman Church. With the defeat of the Hohanstaufen's, the Imperial bloodlines then set to infiltrate the Teutonic Knights orders to capture all who still opposed Rome, this also gave Rome the ability to remove much of the remaining knowledge about the truth of the rebel Jesus, and remove yet still, all knowledge to prove the lie of the invented story of Jesus created by the Church of Peter and the so-called Masonic Orders, who venerate John The Baptist, yet another Nazarene preaching the Egyptian roots of religion. So today all so-called secret doctrines from the Gnostics to the Egyptian societies have not one ounce of truth in relation to the rebel of around 2000 years ago, all the knowledge has been removed especially so with the burning of the library at Alexandria. 

The reformation would create one of the largest forces this world has seen post flood, this again gives insight to the real opposition to the Roman Church at the times, unfortunately this force had not realised they too had at the peak of their command structure, Hybrid bloodline operatives, thus expanding the might of Rome having control of the split movement.  The split was then in need of finance and so turned to the Zionist order based in Holland, Zion IS Sion. (The Priory of Sion) This is were the Protestant movement would hand over total control in Britain back to Rome with their operative Oliver Cromwell, ensuring the Monarchy which represented the English Anglican Church, which had become a great representation of a balanced way to understand the message of love within Christianity. That of course would not do in the eyes of the Roman Imperial Bloodlines. The Anglican Church in England at the time of Charles I, was the product of the Saxon and Gaulish peoples, who had made home in England during the take-over by the Carolingians of Gaul, this is, and I would state the only time post - Roman invasion of Briton as she was known, that we had a balanced organised society in Britain, one has to understand the community structure of the Saxons, which was extremely free, with many tribes under chiefs who promoted freedom among their tribes, this also was the system with the Scandinavians before the Hybrid Vikings demolished this old way of life, having made deals with the Roman Imperial Bloodlines, and thus operating Rome's agenda. This proves itself in the allowing of the invasion of the Normans, who were NORSE-MEN, or North -Men, the Viking Hybrids. They were not the Gauls, nor were they true Scandinavians as they portrayed. They were the hybrid breeding from those who emanated from Aryan India, then bred into the Scandinavian tribes. This was an excellent deception and the means of foundation for the destruction of the British way of life. Yet another big mistake of leaders of the time of the Civil War, was the fact they had joined Freemasonry, both CHARLES I and Cromwell were Freemasons, this makes it a whole lot simpler to manipulate people because of whom you take advice from, if you are a manipulating force, one only need have a trusted placemen within the circle of the target for manipulation, it is that easy. You do not require an army as such, only the right people in the right positions that is the whole ethos and success of secret societies which gives the ability for the few to control the many. There are around 600.000 Freemasons in this nation yet they control the Police, the Law, the Military, the means of distribution of all goods in this nation, they control almost all the land via such agencies as the heritage and National Trust, they have purchased all land in recent times with the manipulated infectious deceases vaccinated into all livestock, forcing good and decent farmers out of business, they control the NHS, they control the pubs and clubs via ownership of all breweries, they control all the back street Christian Churches, the Spiritualist Church, they control all planning departments in this nation, they control  the Highways Agency, yet another gatherer of land and property. They wish us to see them as separatist, as good and decent people, yet all that has been instilled in this nation under all governments, could only have been achieved with their actions, thus they are part of the problem in this country in this time now, and not as they were in Germany in relation to Hitler, a problem, which is the cry they like to bleat on about. The problem with Freemasonry is it is full of very materialistic and therefore blind people who are so concerned with how much they are earning, they have not a clue they are only a Regiment for the Praetorian Guard of the Imperial Bloodlines, which in today's game are named the Jesuit Order, The Society of Jesus. This also works for the run of the mill Catholic societies who have no clue the Freemasons are subservient to the Jesuits. THE JESUITS ARE NOT A CATHOLIC ORDER, THEY ARE A MILITARY ORDER TAKING THEIR ORDERS DIRECTLY FROM THE IMPERIAL BLOODLINES. This is the division played against us all to perfection; you must begin to see your foolishness in how you live your lives.


After the success of the Civil War for the Imperial Bloodlines, the position of Monarchy became a puppet which continued until the installation of the Illuminati operative William Of Orange, very Black Nobility, he signed the charter for the Bank of England and ensured the usurpation of the British throne, from this moment onwards all those who would sit on the throne of England then Britain, would be overtly 'foreign' Black Nobility, and therefore the Roman Imperial bloodlines, who would then to cover this fact...lay siege to all Catholics in Britain, Ireland, France, and Spain, how about that for 'IRONY'. Do not forget, the Roman Imperial bloodlines despised all those who follow the message of love placed into the mix by the Egyptian /Jewish rebel we know as Jesus, they only entered the Christian arena to position themselves in the shadows with the Church of Peter between them and the people... because they could not destroy his followers. They hate all those who want love and balance in this world, to which aim, both Catholic and Protestant people wish for with all their hearts. This is the reason religion which is the creation of these same sick lucifarian bloodlines, never brings about the balanced aims of the people. Religion as the trinity represents the three lower Chakras, this is the trinity they speak of, let me explain.


 The Root chakra in its imbalanced form is blood rite Paganism and Judaism. Both these religions as they are as we understand them with the 5000 year indoctrination are the shadow of the energies, the imbalanced physical representation of knowledge at the level of the root Chakra.


The second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra is the seat of the emotions; the imbalanced shadow of understanding knowledge at this level shows itself in Islam, the religion. This Chakra has as its archangel GABRIEL, the one Mohammed is said to have channelled.


The third and overriding power of this shadow trinity is the Solar Plexus, the seat of fire...the Sun, and shows itself in the imbalanced shadow of understanding the knowledge at this level with Christianity the religion.


This is the work of Lucifer, keeping man fixed beneath the level of the heart Chakra and thus imbalance reigns supreme, and it has for the last 7000 years.

The Hindu Sufis have ensured those who rise above the trinity of lower Chakras to the throat and third eye Chakra, understand it in an imbalanced way by creating physical gods to fixate ones consciousness, thus missing the real higher dimensional reality.


Buddhism as a religion again transfixes ones consciousness to deities outside oneself, again missing the point.


Here is the Temple, this is the Temple, the shadow encapsulating all true spiritual knowledge and superimposing a lower resonance pile of claptrap for all man to fix attention...under the threat of violence and death.



The true facts are that since the Norman invasion this has been so, especially with the Templar puppets King Richard the Lionhearted, and his brother King John. One completely demolished the old English bloodlines by removing them to war in the crusades, while the other brother re-structured completely the English system of society. The final event was the signing of the Magna Carta, which broke the King John Charter, thus handing control of this nation to Rome, which the King John Charter has written within it... "Should the Charter be broken, 'they lose the right to the kingdom"...signing the Magna Carta broke the Charter, it is not rocket science, although to you who claim intelligence, it obviously is!!


I hope this brief look at history helps you understand how I have constructed the diagram above, in my written works I offer great detail to this story and beyond, that it may help you to understand what the New World Order actually is, it is the Old World Order, re-asserting itself across the whole planet with the Imperial Roman Bloodlines sitting once again with full permission from the masses, at the top of the pyramid of power.



I will now offer the full interview with Aaron Russo and ALEX JONES, the shorter version I placed within the 911 page of this site because he was specifically talking about 911. One can discern the fact Aaron certainly has no ties with those who we call the elite, he makes this point during the interview, see what you think..


                                                     CLICK LINK AARON RUSSO


If you have watched the video above, you are now in the position whereby you understand the controlling power in this world over the nation economies and thus the populations... is 'The Banking System'. So 'WHO' controls the banks?

If you study history, then you immediately become aware of the ruling Royal families who ruled the world with the exception of America. Because before America was colonised by the Europeans, it was inhabited by the many races we call the Native Americans. 

During the 16th century, the ruling Royal families, or the Roman Imperial bloodline families, began to metamorphosis so they could disappear into the shadows because of the emergence of the demand for Parliaments, they themselves had instigated. So they created the situation whereby they put in place puppet monarchies who then stood over what we believed were peoples Parliaments, or governments. The real powerful families controlled all the wealth and began to create central banks, which would lend these monarchs and governments money at a high interest rate. Because the Imperial families controlled the wealth, they also controlled the armies. To ensure the monarchs and governments had to borrow this money with interest, which they at first refused to do, they would create a war between the two nations they wished to lend money to. Thus the monarch and government had no choice but to take such loans to fight the threat the Imperial bloodlines had fermented. This was the start of the imposition of Central banks across Europe, the English Civil War being the means to this end in England. The Christian Law up to the point of the Civil War did not allow the charging of interest on money lending, or Usury this is the reason Jews had been removed from the British Isles by Edward I. In order to accomplish the change in this law, the Monarchy in England had to be completely changed; this is why Charles I had to be killed. He would not allow a Central Bank to be set up in England, and thus the Vatican through its financial centre in Holland, stopped the money. This is the reason he had to raise taxes. This then created dissent among the people giving rise to Oliver Cromwell who operated for and was funded by the Dutch Zionist's, who were, and are, the Chief Executive office for the Vatican Bank. After the Civil War, the Chief Executives Office moved to London, after of course they had created war with Holland, the plague, and then burnt down the City of London with the Great Fire. This gave the Imperial Bloodlines the opportunity to re-build London to strict esoteric geometrical law, which can be seen in the map of the Inner City of London.


To ensure Britain allowed the Central bank, the Roman Bloodlines placed William of Orange on the throne of England, who then signed the Charter for the Bank of England. They then manipulated yet another war with France which forced the English government to borrow money from the private bank, and thus the 'National Debt' began. In order the government could pay the interest, because this initial sum has never been repaid even today, the Bank of England forced the government to charge taxes on the people of England. So you can now see that all monies collected in tax go directly to the bank of England in interest charges, who then lend monies for the structures required by the society to function instead of taxes being spent directly on services, therefore the banks have manoeuvred themselves into the mix and in full command. Every pound the banks create is so at an interest rate, who then pays for this interest? The banks again lend the money to the government to pay the interest on the coinage; the debt just gets bigger without end. This was carried out across Europe, so you should have a better idea why all the wars of history, including the First and Second World Wars were created, and who is in power, the banks.

 The Bank of England controls the American FEDERAL RESERVE, The House of Rothschild controls the Bank of England, all the Central banks are controlled by the

BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS in Switzerland, which itself is controlled by the Vatican Bank.

So the Imperial Bloodlines created yet another veil so to speak.... 'the banks', when in fact controlling the banks was  the Vatican, controlling the Vatican, The Imperial Bloodlines, via their Praetorian Guard's general...the black pope, and therefore the whole of the Christian organisation is  still controlled by the Imperial bloodlines hidden behind the Vatican, the banks and the puppet monarchies. Although the Monarchs across Europe are one family and all related to Charlemagne and the Black Nobility and are thus the real chiefs of this scam, yet they take their orders from Lucifer of the underground race, the superman to the Nazis, the race who live in Shambhala according to the Tibetan masters, the same is so for the Islamic religion, all operate for Lucifer, the Elohim/Anunnaki serpents/dragons.

So it is the same families in control today, as has always been the case since Babylon, they have just been very clever at hiding behind organisations they themselves have set up, placing these organisations between themselves and the people, the Li bloodline controls China which is a branch of the Nephilim bloodlines.

 So in the Aaron Russo video, even though he speaks of the American system, the strategy is the same across the world.


Gordon Brown sold all Britain's Gold reserves; therefore we are completely at the mercy of the banks and their funny money. Why would he do this if he is operating for Britain's constitution and therefore the British people? He is not; he does what he is told as did Tony Blair, as do David Cameron, Nick Clegg, as did Margaret Thatcher ad infinitum. They are working to the dictate of the Imperial Bloodlines Praetorian Guard...The Jesuit Military order, of which the Freemasons are only a small Regiment, but at low level they do not necessarily understand this, yet set to take full responsibility for all that has been done and is to come... as the scapegoat position .....That is why, and I am speaking directly to all those Masons who cannot understand why I will not join with them.


The Conservative Party today is 100% controlled by the BILDERBERG GROUP, keep this in mind. 



                    I will offer now yet another video from Aaron Russo with Ron Paul.


                                                        CLICK LINK RUSSO/RON PAUL                                  



If you look at the Diagram I have created higher in this page, you will probably be surprised to see just how many organisations stand above the 'UNITED NATIONS'.

Let me assure you this is certainly the case, I have probably missed a few levels also, so as powerful as we the people see the UN, it is just a smokescreen standing between the people and the ultimate purveyors of power. I will now include a link that gives insight into the truth about the United Nations, form its formation through its enactment of its power over the world through the 20th Century. We really do need to pull out of the global state...Now! 

                                                     CLICK LINK UN DECEPTION



JOHN F KENNEDY, the Knight of Saint Columba, speaks about the Imperial Bloodlines and their Praetorian Guard although he does not name them directly; this is who he is talking about and how we must fight them... 

                                                        CLICK LINK JFK SPEAKS





 Here are two video's with great insight into how the European bloodline bankers took over America. In watching such video's you gain insight into how the banking cartels operate, so sit back and watch these two excellent video's,


        'Money Masters-How International Bankers gained Control Of America


                                             CLICK FOR PART I


                                             CLICK FOR PART II




 Here is a video about Scientology; this video deals with Jeremy Perkins who killed his mother by stabbing her 77 times. This documentary focuses on Scientology's hatred for psychiatry, but if you study the story what the Perkins family was really against was the use of drugs. Scientology is a satanic mind control cult, and when I was around a lot of South African Masonic operatives, it was clear to me that within Freemasonry, the Church of Scientology was promoted as an organisation in which they should throw their money at. As one pretty decent South African mason said to me while discussing what I thought about Scientology, "well why everybody is putting all their money into Scientology". So Freemasonry and Scientology as is the same with the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, are extremely intertwined, which makes sense because Joseph and Hiram Smith, and Brigham Young were all 33rd degree Masons of the Scottish Rite and created the Mormon Church. Charles Taze Russell of the infamous drug running Russell's at the time of the Opium Wars, whose family carried the SKULL & BONES from Germany into America, was also a Mason from the York Rite Freemasonry, and a Rothschild operative charged with expanding their influence into America to ensure the creation of a Central Bank. Not only that everything about Scientology in its beliefs and indeed its methods, all prove mind control cult, yet I fully agree with their stance on psychiatric drugs, and indeed understand that psychiatry having its roots in the mind control operations, can be a very dangerous tool for people who wish to control another, but as with everything in this world it is double edged and of course can be used to help also. The problem I would have with psychology is as with religion, it is a cop-out from actually taking responsibility for ones own life, so with that in mind I will include this video link, you of course can make up your own mind...


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                                                                                                        SCIENTOLOGY EXPOSED



 The symbolism of the 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite freemasonry, divided into 7 classes is understood in the none illuminised doctrine to represent the 33 steps within Solomon’s Temple. The Man held in the highest regard of the Scottish Rite is ALBERT PIKE, one of the arch manipulators of the American Civil War, famous for his high level book,

MORALS AND DOGMA, a very sick man indeed. I would like to reveal to you the Illuminated meaning of the esoteric number 33 as it relates to the Scottish Rite it is for the 33 vertebrae within the backbone of the human form, which thus support the head. In its symbolism relating to the esoteric Temple, Freemasonry in its entirety is but the blind yet solid support for the Illuminati head. Within Freemasonry one can achieve the 31st, 32nd and 33 degree at which point Jahbulon is revealed as 'LUCIFER' the light bringer, if they do not feel you are of the right mindset then Jahbulon is revealed as Baal the Canaanite Sun God.  What must be understood by all especially Freemasons themselves is that those who lead and control all Freemasons only reveal what they feel each member will accept, so for the majority, Freemasonry is exactly as they see it, no matter what level one has achieved, especially so within the BLUE DEGREES. This system works throughout all secret societies and religion, for it to be any other way, these systems would collapse in an instant, because over 95% of all people involved in such organisations, and I do include religion in this, are of good intention. This very system 'IS' the means whereby the real evil can, and is, in all the controlling positions throughout all such organisations, and has thus given evil the means of absolute power over good and descent (although weak), people throughout history. I state on the Home page to this website..."The truth is simple, the difficult part is seeing and living the truth". As long as the children of Lucifer can keep you focused over never see what is going on over here, there has been no better means of this diabolical act of deception, than have you all looking to the heavens, while the takeover 'TERRA FIRMA', the place on which we all reside and require for our very existence in this dimension, rages beneath your raised eyes and ears.



So You have reached to point at which you have accepted Baal if still un-initiated into the Illuminised levels of Freemasonry, or if you are on the path for full Illuminati initiations after the acceptance that it is Lucifer you serve, then what opens to you is the Order Of The Trapezoid which is the shape of the pyramid without the capstone, this is said to be the perfect shape for invoking demons. You are now on your way to understanding the truth  that Freemasonry is but a regiment, a funnel to the Imperial Royal bloodlines Praetorian Guard, the Jesuits, incorporating the Knights of Malta as the aristocratic knight order to which all other orders are affiliated. Baring in mind you have come through the ranks of Freemasonry, you then receive invite to: Egyptian Freemasonry Of The Ancient And Primitive Rite Of Memphis-Misriam, the direct controlling order of Elvis Presley through the Colonel, click link below:


                                                     CLICK FOR MEMPHIS RITE


 You are now well on your way to the elite levels of global control having fully understood the connections of all religions and secret societies on the globe...'THE INNER CIRCLE' is now placed before you, at the lowest levels of course, you still have much to prove and work to do through the 97 degrees of the MISRIAM, but you have hit the jackpot at this point. From here you begin to see the structure of the satanic system on this globe, you understand what the Templars were, and why they had to be purged, you understand why the Freemasons are manipulated to believe they are the Templars re-born...this line of orders are the scapegoat regiments, but not of course for those who have reached this level, everyone beneath this level in the order that is Freemasonry are set to this very agenda, but of course the truth is you are certainly not innocent of purporting the conspiracy, you are just blind to the real spirit of Freemasonry and it's ancestral spirit...the Templars... "You Are For The Chop", to appease the masses, the enemy is slain, and the game goes a rumbling on with the real instigators of the whole Lucifarian project once again pardoned by the ignorant masses...the game goes on and on and on, only this time they will have accomplished full and un-redeemable control of the planet EARTH...that is the New World Order...The Old World Order.... Why are the Templars and the lower ranks of Freemasons the scapegoats? After their defeat in Jerusalem which removed a great threat to Rome in that many bloodlines and potentially great minds had been destroyed, the elite of the Templars learnt the art of the Muslim Hasshishin, so named because they distilled hashish to open their psychic centres and became fanatical warriors for a man named Hassan Esaba, a very un-orthodox Muslim, despised by many Caliph's. There were more Persian orderts who made brotherhood with the Western knights, The Drusers, Ishmalies, Karmatites, Fatimites,  This man is said to have invented mind control, but this is certainly not the case, mind control was rife in Babylon and Egypt as the Babylonian Hyksos took over and created the Phaoronic lines of god kings, who would be transformed into the Biblical patriarchs by the Levite priests, and setting the scene for the shadow religions for all those who could not understand the message of love. This gave the surviving Templars great occult knowledge for their return to Europe especially in how to use hallucinogenic substances to create merciless warriors and the knowledge of how to create spies for infiltration. They had also accrued great wealth, thus began their lending power to European Monarchs, or so the story goes. On has to remember the Templars were started by the Imperial Roman bloodlines and fully controlled by the same. The Templars became the means for the Nefilim bloodlines to continue the takeover of the European landmass whilst keeping the deception; it had nothing to do with Rome. It possibly did have nothing to do with those under the Church, but the Church was controlled by the black Pope, the Praetorian Guard, who operated for the Imperial bloodlines. So to all who remained under the Church, the Templars would be seen as a totally separate force, the same would be true of the rank and file Templars. Of course once the Templars had control over many European power houses, they would be purged in 1307, with the Pope and French king ordering the arrest of all Templars and the death of de Molay, who would curse the pope and king with his dying breath, both would be dead within a year, possibly at the hands of assassins or from occult means. So in destroying the Templars the Roman bloodlines had created an enemy to their church for all those who despised Rome to join, and to further their removal of balanced people who just happened to be Catholic and gave worship to the Church and elected Pope, which could become a problem later in the overall agenda, especially so if they found out who controlled the Pope. So from this point on, all those who would join the split movement, given the fact they opposed Rome...were and still are, expendable. This same move would be repeated with the reformation, from which modern Freemasonry was born.


So you have reached the Illuminati level of Misriam and reached the 90th to 97th degrees, the next level is the Order Aleister Crowley formed into his image, OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis, The order of Eastern Masonry, incorporating the knowledge of Hassan Esaba and the height of the Shriner sect. Crowley after releasing a book of poetry had a knock on the door from the leader of the then OTO, who said Crowley in his book had exposed the Royal secret of Freemasonry, and was offered immediate membership. At this level you have to copulate with a demonised woman, with all the ceremonial magic Crowley brought to the satanic table. This is the point at which the demonic entities gain a much greater hold into your DNA. So what I hear you ask is the royal secret? Keep reading and I will reveal it, but be prepared to be disgusted. DAVID BOWIE the songwriter is very well versed in the occult, showing itself in many of his lyrics.


The next level in the Illuminati pyramid is the Palladium. Here the initiate has to marry a demon woman, a fallen angel or human with 50-50 mammalian and blue blood mix which is the mix the hybrid Nephilim are obsessed with keeping, hence the incestual breeding.


The next level is called; 'Illuminati', and has six initiatory degrees. Here through the use of a special mix of substances, the initiate has the third eye opened to the light of Lucifer, in other words, the satanic energy begins to enter the initiate to become the complete controller of the DNA and thus the human. This is enacted on the first degree known as the 'Union', second degree called; 'Congress' which involves sex with a fallen angel, the third degree is called; Conversation in which clairaudience or psychic audio connection is achieved with the demon, the fourth degree is called; 'Illumination' in which the third eye is fully opened to the light of Lucifer which thus brings you to the final degree at this level called; 'Adoption'. From the degrees of the Illuminati level one is answerable to the next level.


The next level is known as 'The Nine Unknown Men', or the 'Council of Nine'. These men are given control of continents, they are occult masters.


The next level is known as 'The Seven', or the 'Principalities' here we have the Nefilim elite, the Queen Mother was said to be of this level, as was Queen Victoria before her; and before her Catherine de Medici, all three are said to be the same spirit. It has been said that after her death, this baton passed to Prince Philip. Heading this level is said to be Pindar, or penis of the dragon, according to Arizona Wilder, Pindar is the father of Prince Charles and Prince William. Pindar is said to be the beast to which all the hybrid Nephilim take their orders, he represents the underground world and is the link between the two, as he is the provider of the genetics for the highest breeding producing the next leaders. He uses the name Marquis de Libeaux and has a chateau in Alsace-Lorraine, Lorraine having Orion implications, Libeaux has water connotations.


So what is the royal secret of Freemasonry, which in reality is the royal secret of the Illuminati?


This secret gives the true symbolism to the All Seeing Eye and for the reason for the sickest and most twisted occupation carried out by man. First let me explain the eye. It has its obvious symbolism as the eye of Lucifer looking into this dimension from a none physical dimension...the abyss. It also has a human relevance and represents the human rectum; yes the place from whence we pass poo.

 This has its root in the search for immortality, whereby occultists steal the energy from a child through paedophile sodomy; they believe they can steal a child's energy through sexual intercourse with little boys, with the child becoming a conduit between dimensions. In the Bible Solomon's Song of Songs, the singer sings:


                                                    "And a woman was brought to unto him

                                                     and she lay with he but he get no heat"


What we have here is the practice of rejuvenation whereby adults lay with virgin girls and take on their energy, thus altering the DNA of the adult, there is no sexual intercourse here. This was practised by Constantine the great and many occult masters within the covens. So to say such an idea is ludicrous, is an ignorant understanding of the minds that operate in such knowledge.

Now, the great secret of Freemasonry and the elite is a system of magic called:


                                                            “Transyuggothyian Magic”.


This is the belief that through the sodomising of a boy child, the perpetrator can achieve inter dimensional connection, symbolised in the evil tree of Life, not the Tree of Life put forward in the cabbalistic doctrine, its opposite, yet one is the gateway to the other. What goes on here is called the search for “Transplutonian Space”, an attempt to reach the space beyond Pluto to connect with energies outside this Solar System. They believe they can enter another dimension and feed off the energy in that dimension as a god, with the child being sodomised acting as the conduit, thus re-vitalising their own DNA to the point they can live forever on the Earth, by sucking all the energy out of other dimensions, thus becoming ‘Gods’. I know this is insanity, but the point is not if it works or not, the point is that this is what the elite of Freemasonry and all Knights orders of the Illuminati are seeking to do, they believe this. This is why we have such sadistic operations as is currently being exposed in Jersey, they are supermarkets for this sickness which is rife amongst the elite. The other reason for paedophilia within many lower class families is to feed these organisations with removed children, and to create D.I.D people for mind control.


Aleister Crowley, the man who claimed to have killed 150 boy children in one year alone, including his own in this practice, was the satanic prophet spreading this sickness to the size it is today, there is always a reason for everything going on in this world, all is part of the New World Order.


Why the need to go beyond Pluto? Pluto is the great redeemer, the Christ if you like. It is the de-constructor, the disseminator of all that is false. This is the event the Illuminati are attempting to scupper with the construction of the temple for complete control of the planet they call the New World Order. In their Transplutonian Magic they are attempting to reach forces beyond this Solar System to help them prevent their destruction by exposure to the masses of their deceit and evil works, therefore using all those humans who partake in this sodomy using children as their conduit, they are using you in the very same way as a conduit for them, there must be one at some point who can achieve this, this is the idea behind the Messiah a satanic Messiah, they are looking for one who can reach beyond Pluto to bring in the knowledge they seek. Having constructed my astrological birth chart, I now know why they chose me as this messiah, nahh god bless ya. This is why Pluto has been placed into the realms of darkness by all occult knowledge, especially religion, because what is false, fears the action of Pluto in its cleansing act, which fully kicks in December 21 2012 as Pluto aligns with the galactic centre. For those versed in the art of astrology, you again have been indoctrinated into a false system, which Michael Tsarion exposes with brilliance.


 This agenda in relation to scuppering the elite's destruction is currently being further enhanced with the satanic team that is Sir Lawrence Gardener, Zechariah Sitchin, and David Boyle. (In that order) This team of satanic operatives are acting as the great enlighteners and focusing your attention to the coming super scam (go to Extraterrestrial page within this site) that is the Anunnaki as saviours. Through Sitchin's influence I have seen this show itself in Jordon Maxwell which passes to Michael Tsarion.


I disagree with Michael Tsarion in his turning upside down the act of the serpent as redeemer in which he expresses in the most fascinating way you could imagine. I see this aspect of his work as being influenced by his mentors. They use great knowledge with to my mind, extremely incorrect facts, and jump across swathes of knowledge to enforce their doctrine taking doctrine from other people such as Aleister Crowley, Albert Pike, and Blavatsky. In the first instance he claims we are all the Nefilim which is false, the Nefilim are the product of physical breeding with Earth women, not the genetically created races. The Nephilim were known as the destroyers of man, beast, and turning on their own which is the mindset of the Illuminati represented today as the Royal bloodlines who control humans through dark magic and mass media mind control, made easier by definition of  a mans Reptile/mammalian DNA mix. I know this truth because I know I am a good man but growing up under the influence of these satanic operatives outside my family, I was very imbalanced which is all it takes for the satanic masters to take the reigns of your being at those important moments in your life which keeps you within their grasp...always. I fully understand that when it was time for my release from their grip it was only possible with the help of my true ancestral spirit, I am not talking here of my DNA ancestral spirit, they were big Jesuits, but my true origin spirit which was shown to me during the 1990's after I had met the dweller on the shadow self. Michael  turns upside down the reality of the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria, and totally ignores the African aboriginal truth about the fallen angels taking root in Africa and dividing the peoples in a chemical division of the male and female energies. Many are deceived in their acceptance of the Hopi Indians knowledge as riding above and beyond all others, it has its place, but they admit to having been nurtured by the Grey creatures which according to Credo Mutwa are the slave race of the underground master race for whom the Royal elite take their command via Pindar. I think this further re-enforces itself by the fact the Hopi still feel Russia will be the saving nation when Russia is completely controlled by the Illuminati since the murder of Tsar Nicholas and his family. That prophecy has passed without fulfilment because the Americans at the time feared all that was European, including Russia. The fact America as a mind believed itself to becoming free from the European monarchies and thus control, gives understanding to this reality. It stands today that it may be Russia/China who destroys the society that is America, but for the European bloodlines only, not for the world, the same force controls the American military, China and Russia, as it controls all militaries of the world, to destroy America as a nation would ensure this to be the case.  He twists the fact and truth that the escaping extraterrestrials who fled to this Earth are the Anunnaki, but they were in fact the humanoid Pleiadian's, being pursued by the Draco/Anunnaki who had caused untold chaos in their system from their base in the Sirius system involving the Orion system also, he has this the other way round which is the aim of Gardener and Sitchin to have us believe the Anunnaki are the benevolent aliens, so they can activate the UFO scam for the New Agers who are waiting for Jesus in a spaceship. The earth shows us this truth in the Five Neters, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys, and Horus  from Sirius entering this Solar system and ultimately the Earth, symbolising the five extra days or axes which this Earth now has after the axis shift, symbolising alignment with the Sirius system which has the same yearly cycle. It was the Anunnaki who destroyed Tiamat, not the humanoid Pleiadian's, although there have been deals done with the humanoid Lyrians parading as the Pleiadian's. The Pleiadian's were the race that created Atlantis and the Golden age, it was the Anunnaki Serpents after making base and slaves of the AFRICAN RACES, took over Lemuria from whence we get the Chinese and Japanese races, and the reason they hold the dragon in high regard, whereas the white Caucasian man, the Islamic races despise the dragon, which is represented within the Koran. We are dealing here with DNA memory and soul memory. Thus from Lemuria the Anunnaki then attacked Atlantis, this is the war of the gods the Vedas speak of, with the Anunnaki taking hold of power in Atlantis and instilling the Temple of the Sun. Many Native American tribes speak of their move from Atlantis as this takeover began around 36.000 years ago, as the Emerald tablets of Thoth speak the same in the move to Egypt. Tsarion claims the Sun worship began in Egypt, but it was transferred to Egypt by the Hyksos who were from the Canaanite tribes who used the term ‘Son of god’ for each of their city leaders. I fully understand that the returning ‘gods after the deluge were the elite from Atlantis who had made base on either Mars or indeed the Moon, and waited until the cataclysms settled down, they divided the surviving peoples symbolised in the tale of the Tower of Babel and demanded we call them GODS. If this is not so then why does scripture state quite clearly that Lemuria sank way before Atlantis? That the Elohim with the breeding with Earth women created the Nefilim and not as Tsarion claims the Nefilim as saviours of the Adamic race. He turns it all around to show the serpents as the saviours, the very same as Gardener, Sitchin and David Boyle, all working for the scam that it is the Anunnaki who are their saviour ET race of Anu/Lucifer. This would work given the fact that religion is now becoming the taboo force, and who do the religions claim to be the devil? Exactly... Lucifer. It is Lucifer/Anu who has had control of the religions from their construction in Egypt under Akhenaton/Moses. We are all made up of the DNA mix in today’s time, because through great wars they have killed off all the representatives of the Fourth Root Race, breeding the Fifth Root race with an overbalance to the Anunnaki Serpents. This is the reason many humans today fall foul of the war mentality and gladly operate as psychotic killers of humans for the royal elites. I go into great detail of this story in my written work exposed over the last five years. Tsarion also promotes the idea of human separatism as a good thing, that one should not crave the companionship of other humans, he is an isolationist which from my experience within the occult is the very means by which the shadow keeps control of you as an individual, creating fear which turns into egocentric superiority, the very mindset of the elite in general, I witnessed this with David Boyle who thinks, or has rather been coerced to believe himself a 'Master'. Boyle was the most contradictory man I have yet met in this journey, a liar too. When you first meet him he goes through his rehearsed play, "I used to have lots of money, but I gave it all up to follow this path". The truth of this according to two contacts I have is that he lost a lot of his money and what he did not lose his wife sits on acting as his banker when he needs it. His wife is his channeler, whom he said to me is the most powerful channel in the UK, Ahh yes, they would tell him that wouldn't they. The point here is not so much is the dragon story the absolute truth, but more those who control the world see it as absolute truth, and thus lived there whole lives within this knowledge and passed it down to man through religion therefore the root of all our cultures. Energy follows thought, therefore what man thinks manifests itself, that is the magic of this third dimension. So while it remains real in the minds of man, all mans actions will re-enforce it, give it power...It is time to dream a new dream and remove the energy flow to those who have miss-used our energy for millennia.

So if we go back to Michael Tsarion and his position as I see it, he is re-feeding the serpent power as beneficial yet again into the dream of man taking advantage of the anger man now has for the deception of religion. I while under the influence of the elite as it came to its end, began to speak and think thoughts that were not from me, I slowly lost control of my faculties and spoke and wrote information that was not from me, I see this in Michael now. As I watched Tsarion's videos during the week beginning 20th April 2008, I saw this in him. I sent him an email and his response was one of extreme anger and complete avarice for his fellow human beings. This is classic possession take it from me. He cannot carry forth what he is preaching which is to except change and destruction in his life, he feels he has it all, he is so connected and thus attached to Jordan Maxwell, we are seeing mentor - pupil relationship here, and one he cannot for the life in him break. Jordon Maxwell could well be in the same position via Sitchin and others whom he holds in high regard. I feel if Tsarion, and perhaps Maxwell could achieve the move, I made, they would become free, I say this because I can see in them  a balanced aspect still operating in some of their psychic sight, especially as it relates to his sensing of things just not quite right in the Illuminati allowing this exposure to go as far as it is, this is the way of the Illuminati, they use good souls to espouse their bollocks, mixed with balanced knowledge, then take it over after the death of the good soul. I wrote about this in detail around 2003. They are doing this because they are in the conspiracy to capture it, through Gardener, Sitchin, Maxwell, Boyle and many others, and are aiming to entrap all those minds who can see within the fourth is very clever which it has to be, they have deceived mankind for the last 7000 years in this very way. They hope to allow us our voice... Connect with their operatives... Have us destroyed, and pick up were we leave off as our disciples, and create another Illuminati religion based on the knowledge we are bringing fourth, there strategy is way to obvious to me, so whatever happens to any of us…do not let them use us to form another load of clap trap to ensure your subservience to them. One must keep in mind that over 90% of those claiming to be exposing the conspiracy...Are the conspiracy, just go to Mind Control page within this site and look at the Ditchley Foundation members past and present for the truth of this.


It is as I have said; those at the top of the tree are the most sadistic minds on the planet…we must remove them.


Here is a link in which David Icke Interviews one of only three Mother Goddesses at any one time in the world that carry out the satanic rituals for the uppermost levels of the human sacrificial rituals. One has to ask oneself why would this lady expose herself to the actions she has carried out for the Royal families of Europe, if she was not trying to help mankind? As is always the case I leave it to you to make up your own mind so sit back and watch with intent as Arizona Wilder tells her story, try to use your compassionate empathetic sense to fully connect with this lady :


                                                           CLICK HERE FOR ARIZONA VIDEO


                                                    CLICK LINK ARIZONA WILDER


As is always the case given the fact I am not a secret society, I will offer you a selection Of Michaels Tsarion's videos so you can make up your own mind, I would ask that you understand I am not attacking Him as a person but ask you consider the fact he is turning it all around to give credence to the serpents to back up Sir Lawrence gardener, Zechariah Sitchin, and David Boyle's agenda to have us believe the dragon race; the Anunnaki, are our friends.... so in a series called the Origins of Evil, here is Michael Tsarion: 


                                  PART I    PART II   PART III   PART IV   PART V   PART VI


 Now having looked at the video talks of Michael Tsarion you are certainly under no doubt he is an intelligent man. One has to then understand that they are using sophistry to operate against your ignorance and to hijack your mind into seeing the game as they are perpetuating. I say perpetuating because they are using verses after their meddling by Bacon and Dee to produce the King James Bible we know itself to have over 90.000 translation errors, but of course they are not errors but purposeful to enact the current twist played by the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon through their operatives Sir Laurence Gardner, Zechariah Sitchin and Jordon Maxwell using to extreme proportions the mind of Michael Tsarion, which is to give full allegiance back to the enemy of man, Anu/Enlil who sanctioned the great flood or rather Tsunami by shifting the Earth of her axis by some great means. Take a look at this next passage in relation to the Nephilim also spelt Nefilim:

The root of Nephilim is ‘nephel’ which means: "untimely birth, abortion, miscarriage".


The offspring of this physical union between the sons of god and human women, not the genetic races, could not bare the offspring through the vaginal canal, and were thus cut at the bellies, and in the ancient times labelled; ‘Not Born of Woman’, in today’s language Caesarean section. These offspring became the men of renown, the hybrid leaders of the human tribes on the orders of Anu (God), and are the Royal Pharaohs, High priests, Emperors and today’s Kings and Queens who trace their lineage back to the Babylonian kings.


So I would state clearly showing here in distinct contradiction to the line of Tsarion whereby he claims the Nephilim are the Gods descended, when they are the product seen in the passage clearly, the hybrid creation of the union between the sons of Anu (God) and the daughters of Adam, Adam representing the first genetic mix of the fifth root race, the Eave’s of course having the sense and courage to refute the servant role they had been given by the Anunnaki gods. This is why religion has always deemed the female as evil and placed them as inferior to the obeying masculine energy.


The Biblical tradition says the Nefilim were on the earth before the Flood and afterwards, but they appear to be missing during the Flood.

 I would thus state that the word ‘THOSE’ in the next passage be one of those ‘mistranslation errors’ to confuse the real truth and deceptively give credence to what Tsarion is now claiming, because it can be understood in two ways:


"The Nefilim were upon the Earth in those days and thereafter too. Those sons of the gods who cohabited with the daughters of the Adam, and they bore children into them. (Thus creating the Nefilim my emphasis) They were the Mighty Ones of Eternity, the People of the Shem."
     - Genesis 6:4

This passage is explaining who the Nefilim are, the offspring ‘OF’ the sons of the gods union and not claiming the Nefilim to be the sons of the gods who enacted the copulation.


The next passage further exposes Tsarion who claims the Giants were the Nefilim, when in fact the passage clearly states that the;

GIANTS ‘WERE ON THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS; AND ALSO AFTER THAT’….when the son’s of god came unto the daughters of men.

They were already giants and after that, when the sons of god etc. it is clear to me, the Nefilim are not the Sons of god but the hybrid royal bloodlines we have had rule us all this time. Look at the whole passage yourself again from the King James Bible:


"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they; bare children unto them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."
     - Genesis 6:4 (King James’s version)

So this would be my first renunciation of Tsarion’s thesis.

Second would be the fact that the dragon/serpent through all scripture relates directly to the underworld, the abyss. Why would any human wish to release the terrible ones from the abyss to take control of the Earth? Power is the only answer, power promised to minds that have nothing balanced to offer the world which would give this power as a direct consequence of becoming balanced. It is the sick minds that call out the demons; it is the sick minds that are twisting scripture to convince man top accept them as overlords because of the promise to those who have sinned of forgiveness and power in helping the demon to take power.

If we now look at information as it relates to the old ones through the Necronomicon, the bible for all Satanists, what I have just placed before you speaks for itself:


"By the time Mohammad was writing, Shaitan was being called 'the Old Serpent (dragon)' and 'the Lord of the Abyss'. The Old Serpent or Old Dragon is, according to experts such as E.A. Budge and S.N. Kramer, Leviathan [Hebrew]. Leviathan is Lotan [Canaanite]. Lotan traces to Tietan. [Tibetan] Tietan, we are told by the authorities on Near Eastern mythology is a later form of Tiamat. According to the experts the Dragon of the Abyss called Shaitan is the same Dragon of the Abyss named Tiamat."
     - Parker Ryan , "Necronomicon Info Source"


Having studied the Chinese Almanac over a long period of years, Shaitan is an anagram of Tai Shan, the holiest mountain dragon of the Chinese culture, so we can see the work of the dragon is widespread on the Earth and certainly has its roots in Lemuria from whence the Chinese and Japanese races emanate. The Hebrew Leviathan is YHVH the great dragon and from where the term ‘Levites’ comes from, it is all worship of the dragon, and with the exception of Sitchin and co, all scripture relating to the dragon energy is the story of mans enemy and never the saviour, so again I have to conclude Tsarion knows what he is doing and for whom he operates. More on the dragon:


"The dragon is an abandoner for he leaves all that is sacred. The dragon goes here and there without pause." 

    - The Book of Annihilation (an Arabic text on magick)


One of the titles of the Dragon is Lord of the Abyss. "The title Lord of the Abyss translated into Sumerian is 'Kutulu'. Kutu means 'Underworld' or 'Abyss' and Lu is Sumerian for 'Lord' or 'Person of importance'.... Indeed the ruler of the Abyss (kutu) in Sumeria was the Old Dragon Mumu-Tiamat."

-        Parker Ryan "Necronomicon Info Source"



So we are seeing distinct information relating Tiamat the planet, with the serpent/dragon, which I would conclude would make sense because if the Anunnaki were chasing the humanoid races to this part of the galaxy and thought them to be based on Tiamat, they themselves would have made base on Tiamat which makes even more sense given that Tiamat was mainly water and the dragons are known as the amphibious race originally from Sothis (Sirius). What we do know from archaeological finds is that the hominid man has been on the earth for millions of years and not as the Anunnaki claim their creation from around 450.000 years ago, although I think man as destroyer of all other creatures and indeed the very planet he lives upon, is the direct consequence of the overbalance to the Anunnaki genetics beginning in Africa spreading to Lemuria and on to Atlantis, brought forward into this epoch by the bloodline of Noah taking base in the Caucasus mountains after the deluge, and the returning Atlantian Solar temple priesthood in  their flying craft after the deluge. For yet more information:

" Kingu (Qingu) with the Ancient Ones by assigning him the status of general for the Ancient Ones in their war against the Elder Gods (which this myth supposedly represents.) Though these groups claim to be servants of the Elder gods, they worship Tiamat as a benevolent creatrix, ignoring the fact that it was Tiamat who appointed Kingu HER general in the Enuma Elis [the Babylonian Epic of Creation], leading to the conclusion that Tiamat was an Ancient One and therefore that this group worshipped the Ancient Ones while claiming to serve the Elder Gods."
     - Adapa, "The Necronomicon and Ancient Sumer: Dubunking the Myth"




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When Julius Caesar conquered the Gauls, Helvetians’, and the Germanic tribes, we can say that the first European Union was thus formed under Hadrian,  England and Wales would also become a part of this vast empire. The collapse of the Roman Empire would destabilise the whole European dream, which would be dragged together again under the next psychopath, Charles Martel, who prepared the way for his grandson Charlemagne. So we can see here a clear pattern in relation to the expanse of an empire, which to be brutally honest has nothing to do with the Church of Rome, because it was always the emperors who sent out the legions to slaughter all  who refused submission to them. The Church was dragged into the fray by definition of the fact, Charlemagne claimed all the blood sacrifice was on behalf of the Church and god.






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Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected
representatives to make competent decisions at

                           the right time.
                        - Club of Rome




Anal intercourse is the Tantric equivalent of such Hatha Yoga practices as Mulabandha (anal sphincter lock), and Asvini Mudra alternating relaxation and contraction of the anus). The secret tradition of magical Tantra teaches that the anus is an ultrasensitive erogenic and psychic zone directly linked the Muladhara, the basal Chakra. Hidden within Muladhara, Boiled and compressed like a spring, lies the primal power of the nervous system manifest as the Snake Goddess, Kundalini. The terminus for the "pipe of flesh" is the anus, composed of an internal anal external sphincter, rings of muscle surrounding a body orifice. The word "sphincter" means a "knot" or a "band" and is derived from the same Greek base as "Sphinx," the mythological beast epitomizing occult mysteries. The master of Tantric sex magic opens the anal sphincters of his Shakti, thus solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Anal intercourse is a specific Kundalini arousal method. Reference to Gray's Anatomy reveals the existence of an irregular, oval-shaped gland between the rectal wall and the tip of the tailbone, or coccyx, called the "coccygeal body.'' Although the function of this gland is unknown to Western physiologists, it is established in Tantra as the "Kundalini gland." Yoga has devised a wide variety of techniques to irritate and awaken this gland into activity, including Mula Bandha, Asvini Mudra, Tada Mudra (knocking the buttocks upon the ground, sending rhythmic shock waves rippling up the spine), and rolling on a cotton ball placed under the tip of the tailbone.





We surmise that it can be said that the finger of Seth lights up the eye of Horus, because it is the phallus of Seth that is thought of. Seth's phallus emits fire.

At the same time, it must be admitted that this attack on the part of Seth ultimately led to the appearance of the eye of Horus. Thus one can say: the finger or the phallus causes the eye to see or illuminates it. The familiar hieroglyph of the [---] might be an eye overflowing with moisture or light.
"Osiris NN, take for thee the finger of Seth, that causes the clear eye of Horus to see. Osiris NN, take for thee the clear eye of Horus, that is lighted by the tip of Seth's finger.''


“Seth said to Horus: ‘Come let us spend a pleasant hour at my house.’ Horus answered, ‘With pleasure, with pleasure.’ When it was evening a bed was spread for them and they lay down. During the night Seth made his penis stiff and he placed it between the loins of Horus. Horus put his hands between his loins and caught the sperm of Seth.7 Then Horus went to his mother, Isis [and said]: ‘Help me…! Come, see what Seth has done to me.’ And he opened his hand and let her see Seth’s semen. With a scream she took her weapon and cut off his hand and threw it in the water, and conjured up for him a hand to make up for it.”



                     CLOSER LOOK AT THE JESUITS

1492 AD


Christopher Columbus, real name Christophos Colon, discovers the Americas. Columbus was discovering the Americas on behalf of Lorenzo de Medici one of the most powerful of the Nefilim families of Venice, and had the support of the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion Leonardo da Vinci. He was supported also by King Ferdinand of Spain and his wife Isabella of Castile; these two instigated the Spanish Inquisition. It is time for the masses to be awakened to a new land to escape too, away from the Royal Families of Europe, or so they think?


Also in 1492 there was a Papal Bull called the Bull of Alhambra, which told all Jews in Spain they had either to convert to Catholicism, leave the country, or face torture under the inquisitors. The Jews had no were to go and so remained on ships off the coast of Portugal, Spain and France. Columbus had his ships ready for a full year before he made sail, because he wanted the title 'Viceroy', which gave him ruler ship over all the lands he found.

According to Brian Davis Anderson, When Columbus returned, the Jewish Armada set sail finally landing on the Eastern shore of Mexico, they made base and soon had a flourishing Hacienda, Hacienda not being a Latin term, but a Jewish root term.


The Vatican and Spanish Royalty, one and the same...discovered the truth of the Jewish settlers, Columbus was arrested, imprisoned for over a year and was never allowed to sail on a ship again, for he was seen as disloyal to the King. From this excuse, for I take the line, the Jews of whom we are speaking of here, are the Imperial bloodlines brethren the 'Khazars', so I do not see them as escaping to Mexico, but rather sent, and the excuse to send a military expedition to the America's was duly created. So the Praetorian Guard, known then as the Inquisitors, were sent to destroy the Jews and the Aztecs, and of course this was accepted by all because it was for Jesus. Enter Cortez and his band of Noble Praetorian Guard psychopaths, all under the command of the Priest's. The favoured means to killing for the Praetorian Guard has always been and still remains to this day, to poison the leaders of their opposition, and of course the Praetorian Guard today are known as the Jesuits, so we are dealing with the Imperial bloodlines praetorian Guard through history carrying out the will not of the Church, but for the Imperial bloodlines, with the Church as the scapegoat, willingly of course out of sheer terror installed via Charles Martel and Charlemagne.


Also in this year the Spanish Inquisition victim Ignatius Loyola, a great prize for the Imperial bloodlines, because in torturing Loyola and bringing him under the control of the bloodlines, they captured the Rhesus Negative race of the Basque regions to their cause.

             This is my bloodline which has its root in Egypt, but

                                 before that from Atlantis.


1540 AD

Ignatius Loyola with trouser leg rolled above the knee and shoe tread down because of his cannon shot wound to his left leg, presents himself to Pope Paul III, to have the Jesuit Order confirmed, was it his order...absolutely not, it belonged as it does today to the Imperial bloodlines.